Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Coming Up Roses

When we moved in last July we were thrilled with the two large rose bushes in the front yard. Right outside our front door there were gorgeous mini red and white roses. 

This past spring I spent a full day outside cleaning out the garden and pruning back the plants to allow for new growth. Just over the past two weeks the bushes have absolutely exploded and we have a ton of gorgeous roses decorating the front of our little home.

This past Sunday morning B and I headed out to the dollar store, at my request, and found exactly what I was looking for - a fantastic small square glass vase for only $2. When we arrived back home I snipped a few blooms, and clustered them into my new little vase. 

Love the way they look sitting on the pass through between our living room and kitchen. What's even better is that it only cost $2, as the roses we absolutely free! It made me think, I'd like to go back and pick up a few more of these small vases to use in other rooms around the house.

Have you been enjoying any blooms from your own garden recently?



  1. i wish i could keep roses alive. so pretty.

    p.s. love your blog header!

  2. @Wild and Precious - thanks for stopping by, and thank you for the comment on my header! It was designed by Brittany from Pink Peacock Designs! I think she did a great job as well!

    @Sara - I hope they do too. I like that these have required very minimal effort on our behalf... considering all I did was prune then and B waters them if there is little rain.


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