Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Time Blogger

Before I begin my adventure in this space I'd like to introduce myself and give a little run down of what you can expect from me.
Growing up near Boston and closely following the 'Big Dig' Ive always experienced and had an appreciation for construction. I have always been fascinated by construction and was first introduced to it hands on by my grandfather. I remember helping him mix up batches of concrete around the farm since I could first hold a shovel (fully getting that concrete dust embedded in my blood).
I also preferred watching This Old House on weekend mornings over the cartoon network (I'm different, I know this) I even went to school for it (BS in Construction Management). I hope to provide some of my knowledge I've learned along the way through school, personal experience and watching old Bobby V himself. I will try and provide the 'nuts and bolts' aspect to our renovations and projects giving you a dose of the technical side of things.
Since I spend most of my time doing the manual labor it will be a nice break to get on here and share what Ive learned and some of the knowledge Ive gained while helping Kerry bring our designs to life. Keep an eye out for 'Nuts and Bolts with B" here at First Time Fancy and feel free to ask any and all questions and Ill try to get them answered during breaks in the renovation action. Now back to your regularly scheduled programing...


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