Monday, June 21, 2010

Mexican Engagement Party

Two weeks ago, our family was thrilled with the news that my brother had finally made the jump. While on a mini-vacation in Niagara-On-the-Lake, my brother asked his girlfriend of almost 4 years to marry him. Her answer of course, was "Yes"! With looking at getting married in October of 2011, the wedding planning is well underway, and an engagement party is set for this August at my parents home. I was told they are planning to have a mexican themed engagement party, which inspired today's post! Here's some Mexican themed inspiration...

Love the simple elegance of these. I know they are save the dates, but they could easily be used as invitations as well! I'm loving the colour combinations as a great jumping off point for a colour scheme. Found in the Etsy shop of Earmark Invitations.

Love these hand cut tissue paper banners! I think they would be gorgeous strung up in my parents back yard, displaying their names and the date they have chosen as theirs! Found in aymujer's Etsy shop.

LOVE the use of bright colours at this Rehearsal Dinner (shared on this blog). It says Mexican without being cheesy (and we all known that Mexican themed parties ALWAYS have the potential for cheese-factor). I love the use of ribbons on the chairs, as well as the table runner! Gorgeous!

I think that creating a bunch of brightly coloured tissue paper pom-pom's (and maybe some napkin rings as well?) would be a great addition to the decor! Just think of using some of those punchy colours from the invitations and the rehersal dinner photos! PERFECTION! (image found here)

To light up the party when the sun starts to go down, I think a bunch of brightly coloured paper lanterns, along with some brightly coloured candles would be the perfect way to light up the night. 

(Found here)

(Found here)

Of course, what would a Mexican themed engagement party be without some delicious Margarita's!? There would definitely be some of those served!

Once again, congrats to M & A! I know how excited you both are and I look forward to celebrating this exciting time with the two of you!

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog - that is so crazy that you know Angele! Small world eh?? I am really liking those tissue paper banners, by the way. I am going to put them in my Favourites on Etsy. And I'm excited to go through the rest of your blog. I love finding other local blogs! Nice to meet you!


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