Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

WOW! What a weekend! Left for Ottawa Friday morning and spent Saturday cuddling with this little man...

Not my photo... but I do have a ton of them that I haven't had a chance to upload yet...

While a whole lot of this was going on back in Toronto (how embarrassing)...

...and B was slaving away down here...

While he accomplished A LOT (that I can't wait to share) I accomplished very little in the studying department for my final this evening. Once I have that wrapped up, we'll be as busy as ever racing towards finishing the basement in time for our party on July 17th, celebrating the one year anniversary of moving into our very first home!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and that those of you in the GTA were far away and unaffected by the madness that marred our downtown core on Saturday.

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