Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Little More Fancy

I'm extremely discouraged by my lack of blogging recently. In the last little while I have spent some time trying to brainstorm more content for blog posts, and have started to create an "Editorial Calendar" for myself. It will be helpful in mapping out what's to come, and make it easier for me to get posts together in advance so I can get them up for your reading pleasure. As part of this, I hope to go back to including my "Fancy Friday Love" feature on a weekly basis. Why am I telling you? Well, partially so I can prepare you for some (hopefully) more regular blog posts on my part. Also, because you can expect to see some posts from someone else around here a little more regularly.

B and I got to talking the other night, and it appears we are both on the same page that it would be fantastic if we could get some posts up from him on the regular. Afterall, he is the one doing a LOT (a.k.a pretty much ALL) of the heavy lifting in our renovations! This should give him a chance to give you a little more detail about what's going on at our abode. He also hopes to share some of the knowledge he has gained through school, work and experience, as well as some of the new things he is learning along the way. I hope that his insight will bring a bit more technical knowledge to the renovation portion of our life / this blog. You can watch for B's posts on Wednesday's in a section we'd like to call "The Nuts & Bolts with B"!

I hope you'll welcome B to the blog as a regular and that you enjoy his posts! Things are about to get a Little More Fancy around here!


  1. That's great! I look forward to reading B's posts. I could never convince my HandyMan to put pen to post (which is strange considering he is the writer in the family).

    Don't be discouraged if you get the blogging blues. This blogging thing can be hard sometimes!

  2. Well, that is an amazing idea. I wish I could get my man to do something on the blog, but he just hates typing anything! haha

  3. Thanks both of you! I was actually pleasantly surprised by how receptive B was to the idea. When I brought it up he said "I was thinking the same thing"... now we'll just see how it all plays out!


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