Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Add Another to the List

Just quick before I get to the real entry - I wanted to thank everyone that commented on my post from yesterday! It's so nice to get such positive feedback and kind words from readers (it's actually the most comments I've ever received - so thanks to those of you who came outta the wood work to say something sweet!) You can bet there will be plenty of updates as I once again head back school! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now - onto today's post...

Call me crazy, but I love being busy. I thrive in fast paced environments and love always having something else to do. I find if I don't, I get lazy. (Okay, of course I get lazy even when I have lots to do - but don't we all?) So what exactly am I getting at here? Well, on top of the basement reno that seems to be never ending, my kitchen facelift project (that is currently at a stand still, which I plan on getting on top of again) and the ongoing process of beautifying our outdoor space, I'm adding yet another project to my task list. Yup, you read that right.

What's the project? Well, I've already given you a little hint with a couple of posts that have gone up over the last week, so I figured I'd go ahead and share a little more.

I'm currently working on a plan to have our master bedroom moved from the front room of the house, to the back bedroom. Why? I'm glad you asked! The bedroom we currently call "ours" is actually the smallest bedroom in the house. No, we're not crazy. We just had the IKEA Noresund Bed, which I've had since my third year of University. I think it's a pretty bed frame (that's discontinued), but unfortunately because of the size of the headboard and the layout of the bedroom, it just doesn't fit. I won't get into the logistics of "why" - just trust me on this one. So "buh-bye" bed frame, it is! It also means, I'm taking the opportunity to go in a completely different direction with our new master bedroom!

For now I've just come up with a moodboard to start, and I'm sourcing out the stuff that I'll need to pull it all together. I'm actually waiting a bit before I jump in head first, so I'm sure I hope we'll be done some more of our projects before this one really get's rolling!

I'm beyond excited for us to have a new look to our master, but I'm doing my best to restrain myself for the moment! Hopefully the wait for updates on this one, but be as long as it's been with other projects! (Keep an eye out for updates on the basement bathroom & backyard this week. There's been a lot happening - for real!)

Now the part where I ask for help! The Antro coiled rope knobs are EXACTLY what I want for my dresser - however, unless I have to, I'd prefer not to spend $12 (Cdn) on four knobs. Have you seen anything like them anywhere else out there? If you could point me in the right direction - I'd be forever grateful!


  1. Glad I'm not the only one trying to tackle multiple projects at once! Looking forward to seeing how your MBR develops.

    Tell me please (warning: dumb question from a non-techie) how did you create that fabulous moodboard)?

  2. No question is a dumb question... and here's an answer straight from another non-techie... I just used Paint! ;) Cut and pasted a bunch of pictures I'd collected, as well as some screen grabs of fabric and paint colours. Just a nice and easy way to see everything together!


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