Saturday, May 15, 2010

Moving On

You've all patiently sat by and read a lot of posts recently that haven't had much to do with actualy project progress going on at our abode. Of course, that doesn't mean that things haven't been moving along. We're actually at quite an exciting stage of our basement bathroom reno, as it's finally starting to resemble a usable space. (For those of you who have just arrived, you can see my previous basement bathroom posts here and here).

Just a quick trip down memory lane, the last time I posted our bathroom was looking like this:

The biggest reason I've been quiet on posting on this topic is that for most of March and April there was mainly just plumbing and electrical work being done. Of course, there was also the closet renovation which took a lot of time away from the basement. But here we are, back at work down there and this past weekend we really banged a lot out.

The week before we had got up all of the cement board and mold and mildew resistant drywall in the shower enclosure. This was definitely one of those situations that tested our relationship. Thankfully, we managed to finish that portion of the project without ay blood-shed. It was surprisingly the rest of the ceiling drywall that proved to be the biggest hassle. Once we completed that on Friday evening, I left B to it and fell asleep on the couch where he woke me at 2am once he had completed the remainder of the drywall installation. I was thrilled to head down there after breakfast on Saturday morning and check out the progress!

Saturday afternoon we cleaned up the basement a little and started building the bench that will be in the shower. Unfortunately work was cut short that day with a lot of running around and preparations that had to take place in advance of mother's day. By Sunday evening, B and I were both back in our work gear down below mudding all of the joints with some heavy duty drywall mud. Long story short, in a little over a week the bathroom went from looking like it does above, to what you see below (with the exception of the plumbing and electrical work that was done of course):

So thrilled to see something that is finally starting to resemble a room! Now, keep in mind - due to some computer and camera issues I was experiencing, this is what the bathroom looked like about a week ago. Therefore, there has been even further progress since these photos were taken! We're nearing the end people!


  1. Having just gone through it myself, I know the excitement you must be feeling...takes so long to get the mechanicals/basics done, it's great to get to the "pretty" stuff. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

    In case you might be interested...we too installed a basement shower. As we didn't install heated floors, we decided to splurge on a towel warmer -- my hubbie found one at the Calgary Costco about a month ago for $100 (brand name is Ancona), which, I can tell you, is FAR less than at any of the plumbing/bathroom fixtures stores we had checked out.

  2. What an accomplishment! I can't believe you two have done all of that yourselves. I'm so impressed!!

    Can't wait to see more!

  3. Such progress has been made! You should be so proud!

  4. Thanks everyone - we are feeling very good about it! We can't wait to finally be able to use it!

    @Timeless Style Design: Thanks for the heads up - we'll have to take a look at our Costco! We also won't be doing under floor heating and had talked about a towel warmer! :)

  5. I know exactly how you feel! When I saw progress being made in my bathroom it made me all giddy and happy inside!

    Love the bench in the shower idea!


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