Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dream Getaway: The Ocean House

Not too long ago I signed up to be a part of the website Jetsetter. Every week I get a number of lovely emails to my inbox showcasing all kinds of gorgeous hotels all over the world offering "deals". Until today, I never had the desire to share any of the hotels they had featured. I mean, they're all gorgeous, but there was something about "The Ocean House" that made me want to share. So let's go to Rhode Island, shall we?

Located in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, this resort boasts both hotel and residental accomodations! It was constructed to resemble the original hotel which stood in the same spot for 142 years before it was demolished due to structural issues. I could probably ramble on about all of the beauty of it, but since I haven't been and it's the pictures that have drawn me in - I'll let them do all the speaking!

Let me tell you, it's not too easy to find pictures when the hotel doesn't actually open until next month! Gorgeous though, no?

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