Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gifts Fit For a Princess

This July, my cousin's little girl will turn 4, I'll call her R. She is absolutely the apple of my eye. I was the first of the extended family (on my Uncle's side) to hold her when she was only 6 days old, and ever since I can't get enough of her sweet little smile and princess attitude. My favorite story has to be of the time my cousin told her I was coming to visit and she told my cousin that I was her best friend.

My little R - July 2009

I've had her for a girls sleepover once while B was away and we ate pizza and baked Valentine's cookies for her to bring home to her Mom and Dad and baby brother. To make a long story short, I love her and can't believe she will be four this year. So, leading up to her birthday, I've started to think of birthday gifts that are good for a 4 year-old, that are also useful and practical (believe me, she has enough toys!). Here's some of what I've come up with...

Love these adorable Piggy Banks from Pottery Barn! I think the Pink one would be perfect for my R, and of course we'd throw in a buck or two for good luck! Not bad since they are currently on sale too!

This personalized Princess book, also from Pottery Barn, would be perfect! The last time she visited, I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up... she told me "A Princess!". She doesn't realize she already is in my eyes!

I thought this flower clip from hblackberry on Etsy would be a great little detail to decorate the top of the gift. Then afterwards it could be worn in her hair or clipped to a bag, top, dress... you name it!

How adorable is this print designed by the very talented Lindsay from Penny People Designs (and of course the wonderful blogger behind Aubrey & Lindsay's Little House Blog). I adore it and think it perfectly fits my little R. Now, I know it's not currently available as she is scaling back on her designs as her own little one is due very soon, but I had to share. You can still check out the designs she does have available over at her Etsy store. (of course, if I were to buy her a print, there would be a toy involved as well... I understand 4-year-olds may not appreciate wall art as much as I do...)

I think this little necklace from filigreepheasant is adorable. R loves dressing up and looking pretty - so a nice little necklace might be a fun little idea for her. Especially if it involves a crown and pink!

This is just a quick round up of ideas. I'll be continuing my brainstorming before I run out and purchase something. What would you buy for a little princess of your own?


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