Monday, May 10, 2010

Back in Class

I was pretty silent over the weekend, mainly because we spent a lot of time working on the basement bathroom (there is HUGE progress that I can't wait to share this week!) and cleaning up around the house. We had a lovely Mother's Day brunch at our place for my parents on Sunday, followed by our first softball game of the season (which we won, after I got a player out at home on the last play of the game!). But the weekend is now over, and that means one thing... my first day back at school!

I'm taking evening classes and this spring term runs a little over a month so I'll be attending class twice a week (Monday and Wednesday). Thought I'd give a little run down on how my first night went.

The course I am taking this spring is a Residental Materials class, and the instructor is the lady who spoke at the information night I attended. She is funny and personable, but very knowledgable - the type of person I know will keep me engaged in the course material. It's going to be busy for the 15 classes we have, with three small projects, a large project (decorating a living room), a mid term and a final test... all by June 28th! We also have a holiday Monday during the course, and a field trip to Elte here in Toronto (Sadly she wants to have it the same day as the Christie Antiques Show, so looks like I'll be waiting for that until September).

Oh yeah - and of course, I was on the bus on my way to campus when I realized I had no pen on me. Totally something that I would do. Thankfully I passed the campus bookstore on my way to class and was able to pop in and pick up a pen and a bottle of water.

Tonight was a short class, we reviewed the course outline (majority of the class), and spent some time discussing vocabulary and colour scheme. I believe our first project (on Textile Application) will be assigned on Wednesday, so I'll have more to talk about as things progress. I do look forward to sharing it with my readers though, and I hope that you enjoy following along.

Keep your eyes peeled for a great basement progress post tomorrow! I can hear B working away on some stuff down there right now. It's looking good (finally!)


  1. Talk about fun but bust stuff going on!! Looking forward to seeing the progress on your basement bathroom!

    Ps, I got the measuring spoons and cups from World Market; I’m going to check shipping rates to open my next giveaway to include Canada!

  2. Indeed - fun but very busy! I hope to share the bathroom update soon (having some computer and camera issues!)

    Thanks for sharing - the spoons and cups are super cute! ;)


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