Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vintage Alarm Clocks

Recently I've found myself absolutely in love with vintage alarm clocks. I don't know what it is, but something has drawn me to them. Maybe it's because I hate waking up to the combination of B's cell phone and my old digital, black clock radio.

I particularly love this one that I found here.

Etsy has all kinds of shops bursting with these beauties as well...

This little number was is listed by ClockworkUniverse for $11.00. Non-working, but I picture it sitting atop a small pile of books in a bookshelf.

This copper plated working piece is the first one I loved, listed by Magark for just $9.95.

I've definitely seen more than a few that I love, but I'm continuing my search for one that I really want to take home with me.

How about you? Are you a fan of vintage alarm clocks? Or are you partial to some other sort of vintage piece?


  1. Very pretty clocks! I personally like the second from last the best.

    Well, if we are on the topic of vintage & clocks, I love the oversized vintage wall clocks... like this one:

    If we are talking vintage in general, I would have to say that I love my hoosier. I have the exact same one as pictured here ( except on the upper half the panels have been replaced with glass. It is also stained darker.

  2. I think these are so pretty, but I could never use them to wake up. I am not a morning person, and hate alarm I use a vibrating alarm that is made for deaf people! It's too funny. I ordered it online and now I get all these catalogs for senior citizen items. I crack up every time I see a new one!

  3. @Brittany - agreed those oversized wall clocks are gorgeous! I'm a fan as well... I think my love is actually for vintage clocks period!

    @Sara - That is hilarious! I need something loud and annoying, or I'll never get out of bed, but now you've made me second guess if I could use one of these clocks to wake up to. I'm more worried about the clocks ticking. If they tick too loudly it'll annoy me and I'll never be able to sleep...

  4. When I think of vintage alarm clocks i think of old style bell ringer clocks that make you feel like you're waking up inside of a black and white movie of some kind... it can also add to the look of your home depending on what you are going for.


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