Monday, April 12, 2010

Veg Out

I've had a bit of an extended absence from blogging - mainly because we've spent the last few days trying to complete a number of projects around the house. With everything that we got done, I'll break our projects up into a variety of posts that I'll share throughout the week.

I wanted to start out with a small project that we started Saturday afternoon. Nothing huge, but a project B and I are both very excited about. We're finally ready to do something with the mess of an area next to our old garage in the back yard (which will also hopefully get a face lift this summer!)

Yeah - I know. Gross right?? Not for long!

After running a few errands on Saturday, B and I headed out back ready to clean up the area that will soon become our own little vegetable garden! Well - B did, and I started on another project that I'll share later this week!

First things first, the little tree's back there had to go (sadly). They were growing through the fence since they were sapplings, so it appears that the fence had actually become part of the tree. We also needed to create more sunlight for our new little veggie patch.

B got to work, cutting and chopping, and later I was in charge of cutting up the trees into manageable sizes for bundling.

With the trees out, B got to work lifting out and moving all of the old patio stones that covered the whole area. Once they were piled up, we laid out some wood to mark out the area that our veggie garden will occupy. A nice large area to allow us to grow all kind of delicious things!

Not too bad right... with the exception of all that junk piled up along the left hand side. Not an issue... B took care of that too!

You can tell by the difference in lighting in all of the pictures that it was a project that took much longer than it took for me to write this post. We're not quite done, I'd like to make the area a little more private from the neighbours - and we plan on changing out the metal fence and gate in the yard with a nice wood one... at some point in the future! We also have some more soil to buy and mix in before we begin planting. I can already taste all of the delicious veggie's we'll be growing and using this summer. I'll keep you posted on our progress!

This was probably the "least exciting" project we tackled this weekend. I have a few more coming this week that I am very excited to share with everyone - so keep an eye out for what's to come this week!

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  1. I am really excited to plant some cilantro, tomatoes and jalapenos! Can't wait to see that area leafing out for ya.


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