Monday, April 5, 2010

The Closet Fireplace?

Nothing much has been going on around here recently... at least nothing worth blogging about. Closet progress has been incredibly slow, but yesterday we finally got around to sanding it all down and getting the primer on... yup, that's all we've done. Which means the closet now looks like this...

Kind of like we're going to just pop in a gas fireplace insert and call it a day, huh? That could be interesting.

With the closet slowly moving along B suggested tonight that we head over to IKEA to get some closet inspiration. While walking around the closet section, I stumbled across the Komplement birch clothes rail, which was marked "Now or Never", and priced at $4 each. B and I figured it was a great deal, and after being directed by the associate to the "As Is" section, we booked it there hoping to grab 3 of the last 4 they had on hand. We lucked out - not only were all 4 still there, but they were marked down even further to $1.90 a piece - so we grabbed all 4! We also managed to find the perfect shelf for one side of the closet on sale for $7.90. Not bad. We picked up all those piece for the closet, and a new candle, all for $20.33! We left feeling pretty happy with ourselves (especially with frozen yogurt in hand). So here is the plan for the closet...

Those are the measurements of my closet space (obviously!). As you can see, working  with the width of the closet makes no sense, and we'll actually utilize the space better by using the depth instead. Therefore the plan is to run our clothing rails along the 2 sides of the closet (42 inch lengths) rather than across the front (60 inches). Of course, that also leaves our fireplace cubby storage more accessible.

I have some plans to make space for longer hanging items like dresses and robes, and also to create some sort of storage space on top of the clothing rails to hold other linens, shoes and purses. I just need to figure out where exactly everything will go once all of our organization solutions are in place. I'm hoping that by this weekend I can share our final product! Fingers are crossed... I've had enough of shuffling through piles of clothes on the guest bed to get dressed.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend!


  1. Sounds like you have a great plan! It really does look like a fireplace, that's pretty funny.

  2. It does look like a fireplace! lol
    Gotta love getting a bargain deal, especially at IKEA. I cannot go there without getting a frozen yogurt... if I lived closer to one I might be there all the time, just for the yogurt!

  3. That's actually the perfect shape for a closet - cabinets on bottom, and hanging racks on top. I've added you to my RSS just to see what you come up with!

  4. Wow great deals at IKEA!

    Can't wait to see the rest of your project come together.

  5. Go you! I got a great deal at IKEA this weekend too (on a wire drawer/storage unit for under the basement stairs. I paid $7, regularly $29.99) but you clearly got the deal of the century (start the car, start the car!).

    Looking forward to seeing your completed closet.

  6. Thanks everyone - I'm anxious to have my clothes hanging in a closet once again!

    @Timeless Style Design - IKEA deals are great :) Especially for those things you just need! I laughed @ the "start the car! start the car!" haha


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