Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chair Fabric: Final Pick

It's been a while since I visited, talked or even thought about my second hand chairs that I got for $40. Rightly so, with all of the projects taking over our lives on the home front. I'd posted a while ago, with a few options I'd found on the Designer Fabrics website and was considering using for the seats of these fabulous finds.

Despite how much I liked those fabrics, I wasn't really in love with any of them. So yesterday, when Mrs. Chic posted a coupon from Calico Corners, I figured it was worth a look. Sure enough, while browsing through the Indoor/Outdoor Fabric section, I spotted this:

It was love at first site! It's called Garden Gate Outdoor, and I think it will be PERFECT on my chairs! Before I go ahead with the order, I just want to make sure that that width will work with the seats. I am not against having a little extra laying around either - I'm sure I could make use of it! What do you think - fabulous find?


  1. I really like those chairs!

  2. Those are great chairs!! The fabric will be a nice addition, I'm glad you found some great fabric from them :)

  3. Those chairs are awesome! Are you painting them or staining them dark?

  4. Thanks everyone - I really love the chairs!

    @Sara - My original plan was to paint them white, but with that fabric I'm not completely sure what I want to do. I'm thinking staining them dark would be great with the white fabric. I'll have to see...


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