Friday, October 12, 2012

Fancy Friday Love

Happy Friday everyone! Between a teething Halle who wouldn't nap on her own very well, or sleep the best at night, and me working away on my newest (exciting) project, I had very little time to blog and not much extra time for blog reading either. I did managed to squeeze in a little bit though, and here's what I saw and loved...

Did you see the beautiful photos that Lisa hung in her Dining Room? She took them while visiting back home, which I think is something so special and personal to add to a space. 

dining room photo wall via Wicked & Weird

Mackenzie, of Design Darling, wrote an EXCELLENT post yesterday on self-employment and supporting people in their decisions. I loved seeing her open her own boutique and I totally applaud her, and everyone else, who decides to strike out on their own and try something new. It's so important to follow your heart and do what makes you happy. Focus on the people who lift you up and help you out, and close out those nay-sayers who just want to judge and drag you down. I highly recommend taking a quick read of her post, if you missed it!

Some gorgeous beach house eye candy (designed by architect Michelle Balfoort and interiors by Beach Chic Design), over on House of Turquoise. I choose the bathroom as my Fancy Friday picture because it's absolute perfect. I love the weight of the chunky countertop on that aged looking cabinetry. The mosaic tile on the wall is to die for! So lovely. Can I have a bathroom to renovate please?

via House of Turquoise

A lovely, cozy kitchen dining nook from pink wallpaper. Pictures like this always remind me I need to step up the game in our own dining nook. My "cozying up the house for fall/winter" is moving along soooo slowly...

via pink wallpaper

This gorgeous blue kitchen, found on desire to inspire, has me drooling...

via desire to inspire

Well, Friday is once again here! I'm pretty excited that this Sunday we'll be seeing the Patriot's play the Seahawks down in Seattle! Weeeeee! We'll have Halle with us, and we're not too sure how it will go so keep your fingers crossed. Her last sporting event was in February, so she was just seven months and she sat patiently through 2 periods of hockey. I just couldn't fathom leaving her with a baby-sitter (who isn't family) while we were hours away, in a different country and our return home is dependent on border traffic. I'd rather take my chances at the game with her. 

In other EXCITING news, I hope to launch my newest project next week. I was so busy this week working on things, and I still have some more to do, but my hopes is to share it with you at some point next week! FINGERS CROSSED! What fun things do you have lined up for the weekend?


  1. Go Pats!! Have fun! I hope Halle does well!

  2. I love the gallery wall, and the chunky counter top - both are just gorgeous. I hope Halle is doing okay this weekend - teething is so tough... For everyone, but I feel so bad for the little people doing the teething :-(

  3. Thanks for the mention Kerry! I am thrilled to be part of your list - your Friday Loves usually become my loves as well. I hope Halle feels better soon - teething is no fun at all.

  4. I love the banquette in the last shot! Gorgeous. Good luck with the teething Halle and your project! Can't wait to hear about!

  5. Hope you guys had a great time in Seattle! I love that dining room nook, I've always wanted a banquette.

    p.s. am I crazy, where did that post go with your family photos, I came back to comment and tell you how awesome they were!


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