Thursday, October 4, 2012

An Autumn Mantle that Needs a Little More

I'm more than a few days late, but as I mentioned the other day I have been a busy lady. Last week was full of running around showing my parents all of the beauty out here and spending lots of time together, as well as celebrating my birthday and thinking about/working on my new little venture. Alas Autumn has well and truly arrived, and that is something I am really quite excited about!

I-love-autumn via 79 ideas
{via 79 ideas}

Though I was busy last week, as my post yesterday would indicate, I had a little time to pull out our fall decor and start decorating. We have a pretty nice fireplace (even though I wish it were wood burning like at our Toronto home), and I couldn't wait to probably decorate it for the season. I'm still looking for one final piece to finish it off - but here is what I have for now...


Everything on here we owned, with the exception of the one small pumpkin that my parents bought for Halle last week, and was only $0.50. I'll start low. The bunting I made way back when in our old home, with some fabric I had used for one of my very first school projects. At the time I just made it to give me something to do (oh, the days when I needed to SEARCH for stuff to do), and it ended up getting packed away and forgotten about. Turns out, it's the perfect little fall decoration - don't you think?


On the far left side of the mantle I have my red lantern that I picked up for a few bucks two years ago, while thrifting (You may recognize it from yesterday's post on our Thanksgiving Table). I clustered two ceramic gourds and our $0.50 together and beside all of these I have my Pumpkin Spice Yankee Candle. I can't handle holiday's without a yummy smelling candle and this one sure does the trick!


Since the middle of the fireplace is empty (and we'll get to that in the moment), let's move over to the far right side. Over here I tried to play with scale. I stacked a few orange and yellow books together, and on top I placed a vase filled with my faux acorn vase filler, and my brass apple paper weight. Beside it, I placed my orange votive holders on top of my cupcake holders and placed them in a row. Lastly, behind them is a small print, waiting to find it's forever home in our house. We picked this up when we were back in Toronto in August, and visited the CNE. It's a print of the streetcar that ran right by our home in Toronto. Such a nice reminder of our old house and neighbourhood. It means so much to me!

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As for the giant empty spot in the middle...


Yeah, it leaves you wanting more, doesn't it? Me too! BUT, like any good project, I didn't want to rush and purchase or make something that I didn't absolutely love. Plus, since it's the space over the fireplace, I wanted to do something that wasn't seasonal, and that we could leave there all year round and just decorate around it. Well, the other day I saw a post that inspired me and I have decided to blow up a large black and white photo and put it here. I've decided on the photo, and even though a canvas isn't exactly in our budget at the moment, I'm waiting for a good "deal of the day" (they always have photo canvas deals - don't they?) so I can get one made for this spot.

I'm hoping I'll be able to have it soon and share it with you, the photo is too good not to blow up and put here! Have you ever had a photo blown up into a canvas? Where did you have it done? Any good recommendations for a company to work with? I'd love to hear what you have to say?


  1. What a sweet banner. I love the colors and the rustic charm to it! My favorite is the glass jar of acorns:)

  2. Your mantle is looking nice! One inexpensive idea would be a Homesense mirror. You can usually get something large for an affordable price. We always struggle with this too - because we'd love a huge canvas to go over the mantle. You know, something dramatic that we both love. But that's hard to find and usually pretty expensive. A mirror fills the space nicely and bounces light around the room.
    Or maybe you could DIY something with the pretty leaves you find on a walk with Halle? In a big ribba frame?
    Looking good so far, I can almost smell that candle!

  3. Oh, the days when I used to have to waste time. Long gone, aren't they? Funny how kids do that....but they sure do make you appreciate the 5 minutes you do have to get something done. The mantel looks great. And a huge photo would be awesome. If you don't see a daily deal soon you could always print a big engineer print from Staples - it's definitely not as nice as a canvas but could fill the space without much commitment.

  4. The banner is cute! Love the size of your fireplace! I did a photo to canvas print, I can't remember the name of the place. But yes they did have a 1/2 off sale, I think it was one of those forever sales :)lol I large canvas up there will look good!


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