Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sunroom Inspiration

If you're a regular reader of this here little blog, than you are well aware that our rental has a not so pretty sunroom, with a ton of potential...



One of the biggest issues with this space is the leaky roof, which means it remains empty at the moment. Since the weather out here is pretty damp, we don't want to put much in here at the moment and risk it getting ruined. At the moment, B has been in touch with the contractor who our landlords have put in charge of fixing the leaky roof. So, with a light at the end of the tunnel, I'm start to day dream about what I can do to this space to make it cozy and functional, without investing any money into structure, and purchasing pieces and accessories that will work when we move on from this home.

I've started to check out some inspiration online, and here are some rooms that have my day dreaming of "what could be"...

screened porch sunroom_blue white painted floor_outdoor rooms_house beautiful

This first photo struck my interest right away because of the colour of the room. Identical to the blue our sunroom is painted. Though I am not a big fan of the colour, this room gives me hope that we can make some changes and live with the blue that is in there. Remember, our goal is to spend no money on the actual room itself, but rather just add furniture and accessories to spruce it up to our taste.


If only we could invest more into the space! Isn't that wallpaper gorgeous? Well, even without the wallpaper, I'm really loving the stripes on the furniture, and have been considering doing just that on the two pieces that I have to recover for that space. I'd like to keep it relatively neutral, like these pieces are, so that they are easy to move about in our next home. Also a fan of the neutral draperies, with just a bit of interest on the edging. The texture on the furniture is perfect, and the glass lamp is something I would love to add to our sunroom for evening lighting. 

{via pinterest}

What draws me most to this room is the variety of textures that are incorporated. The bamboo shades, the wicker chest and chairs, the rug, the cord that the light fixture is hanging from. Though the space is incredibly neutral, it's grounded and warmed up through the use of the different textures. I would love to add some bamboo shades to our sunroom as well - though the investment may be a little too big for our rental. We'll see what I can come up with!


The use of vibrant colours in this space excites me. Though we don't plan on painting the room (unless I just can't stand the blue), I am in love with the ceiling. The white wicker furniture is also fabulous, and what's more budget friendly than a couple of IKEA Lack tables placed side by side? I think we could handle that! Those roller shades are also pretty cute. Who say's I can't make some budget friendly faux roman shades for our sunroom?

There's a whole lot of potential hiding in this space, but of course, I'm still waiting on the contractor to come and patch up that leak for us. Once it's done, I hope to really get down to fixing the space up on a dime. 

Is there a room in your house you are just dying to re-do? A space that has a ton of hidden potential that you need to tackle? What are you favourite ways to spruce up a space on a dime?

To see these pins, and other sunroom inspiration, check out my full Sunroom pinboard right here


  1. These are such beautiful inspirations! There is so much potential in your sun room and its huge! #3 & #4 are our fave.

  2. Your sunroom is huge!!! I love it! Once you put in furniture and curtains, I think the blue will fade away a lot. The view looks like it must be gorgeous too!

  3. Love the size of your sunroom and so jealous at the same time. Can't wait to see what you do to fix it up. For me, design on a dime has usually been paint, fabric and lighting.

  4. Oh wow, that room is amazing and huge! You'll have a lot of fun making it your own.


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