Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Big Girl Room for Baby Girl

Happy Tuesday Friends! I had a bit of a disappearing act yesterday. I know it happens rather frequently, but we've been busy catching up and showing B's parents around. They arrived on Sunday, so things have been pretty crazy (in a good way) around here. BUT, today I am back with a bit of an inspirational post!

Recently, I've been dying to spruce up Halle's room here. I loved how everything fit and worked in her old space in Toronto, however, here, things just aren't working the same way. My mind has been spinning and I'm already starting to dream about what Halle's big girl room will look like. I'd like to inject just a little bit of pink into the space - something in a bit of a rosy colour. Since she's not ready for a new bed yet, I thought a good place to start would be with some accessories. Here's some of the artwork I've been eyeing to add to her wall...

Halle's New Room - Artwork

1) "Let Her Sleep For When She Wakes, She Will Move Mountains" Print - $20.00 by Yellow Button Studios: I think this print is sweet, from the words to the colours it is exactly what I would like to add to her little space! The price isn't too bad either, in my opinion.

2) Assorted Girlie Dog Set - $18.00 by Rifle Paper Co. - Alright, so they aren't prints, but these sweet little dog cards would be perfect to frame in Halle's room. There are two of each card in a pack, so four can go on her wall, and four can be saved for stationery. I just knew, as soon as I saw them, they would be the perfect addition to a room for our dog loving girl. 

3) H is for Happiness art print - $25.00 by Evajuliet - I shared this print before on one of my Fancy Friday Love posts. As you can tell, I do really, really love it. It can also be personalized, so I think I would have it changed to H is for Halle. What a perfect piece our baby girl could keep forever!

Accessories will probably be the easiest way for me to begin the transition. While I start on the walls, I will continue to look for the right throw cushions, curtains and other pieces. As much as I love all of the sentimental pieces in her room, I just think I need a change. We're in a new place and Halle is growing so quickly, into quite the girly girl. Don't expect a huge makeover, or major reveal - but some little tweaks here and there as I find the pieces I love for a great price.

Are you planning to make some small switches or adjustments to any rooms in your home for the coming season? 


  1. Ahh the artwork is going to be so sweet and I know what your saying about tweaks here and there to reflect your little girl getting bigger :)

    The 'H' print is the best!! :)

  2. I think that is a downfall of us creative type, we are alway itching to change things up! I am doing another room switch - the oldest leaves today and her brother is getting her room. Good thing the walls are painted the same colour and the drapes have the same striped treatment as his room so it will be easy to switch it up!

  3. The 'move mountains' print is super lovely, Kerry! Glad you had a lovely weekend :)

  4. Love the H print! And the mountain poster is adorable :)

  5. Kerry, I loooove that "let her sleep print"!! What a good sentiment to have surrounding her!


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