Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Falling in Love....

Not too much to share today... Halle and I will be working on getting our house guest ready for the holidays. Before we really get into that, I just had to share these beautiful new fabrics from Tonic Living...

Malta, Tourmaline

Malta, Peacock

Malta, Aegean

Malta, Mica

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous? I love them and want to order sample swatches in each colour! Even though it says it is dry clean only, I am so tempted to order it in one of the blue's or the Mica to recover that garage sale chair that we bought ages ago. I'm so ready to recover that bad boy and have it in our living room after the holidays, and this is the first fabric I have found that has made my heart skip a beat. What would you do?

Have you stumbled across any beautiful fabrics recently.


  1. for some reason i LOVE the word tourmaline....i have no idea why, i just always have. these are fantastic! and p.s. glad to see you're using up the old wrapping paper :D

  2. Love them. But I might be slightly biased... I seem to love everything at Tonic Living! The Tourmaline and the Peacock especially catch my eye. So pretty! But so bold... perhaps perfect for a couple throw pillows?

  3. Oooooh! Get it! You can always have a smaller item, like a chair, professionally cleaned! It looks like a good pattern that wouldn't show stains too badly in the blue colour ways!

  4. I *heart* Tonic Living. Just ordered a few samples from there! Itching to make something in the new year!


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