Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Seeing That Christmas Spirit

I'm back this afternoon because I just HAD to share some Christmas spirit with all of you! To most, Christmas is all about that special Christmas feeling! That warm fuzzy feeling you get while wrapping gifts, putting up your tree, listening to those special songs, watching your favourite movie... and of course sharing this all with your family and friends. Well, this Christmas - Canadian Tire wanted those warm fuzzy feelings of the Christmas season to be visible to all, and they have put up the Christmas Spirit Tree right in Union Station in Toronto.


The 30-foot tree is made up of 3,000 LED lights that are powered by Christmas spirit messages from various social media channels! Cool, right? So how can you help brighten the tree, and Christmas spirit? It's super easy. You can write a blog post, tweet, or post on facebook with some positive messages of Christmas spirit! You can also head directly over to ChristmasSpiritTree.ca to write your message, or text "Christmas" to 70734. 

Christmas Spirit Tree, How it Works

All of your positive messages will help to light up this fabulous tree, which is on display daily until December 26th from 6:00am until midnight. If you can't make it down there in person to check it out, you can watch a live feed of the tree right here

Have you been to see the Christmas spirit tree?? Will you be sending out some positive Christmas spirit messages to help light the tree? Oh, and how could I not leave this post without wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!


  1. i blogged about this today also. it's such a wonderful idea and i love love love it!

  2. Great idea - thanks for sharing!


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