Friday, September 23, 2011

Two Months of Halle

Yup... another month has already passed and our tiny girl isn't quite as tiny as she was when she arrived. She's growing so quickly, and I don't even really realize it until I see how much she has changed from her One Month photo! Look at this munchkin...

Two Months

Not only is she growing but she's changing so quickly in other ways! Here's what she's up to recently...

- She's smiling at us... A LOT! She loves when we smile and talk to her and make sounds... which leads into this next one!
- She's started to imitate the sounds that we make! She coo's... but she also makes a hooting sound which B taught her. At first she would only do it when we did, but now she makes the sound at things she likes and when she meets new people too
- She's holding her head up pretty good on her own. She can't turn her head without it flopping, and her neck gets tired sometimes, but we're pretty close to a baby who can hold that head up high!
- When she's laying on her back she stretches her legs out and can push off, and move herself around! It's not on purpose (as far as I know), and she can get some pretty good distance!

We're having so much fun watching her grow and change and I cannot wait to see what changes this next month brings! 


  1. She's so sweet, Kerry! I'm glad you're taking some time to really be with her at this stage. It is just so fleeting! People said that to me when my kids were tiny and I remember thinking it seemed to go by slowly. But now, I don't know where those tiny kids went. xo

  2. Hey Kerry! Halle is growing so fast, she's too cute. I've finally got my little teeny blog up and very basically started! Come check it out! - Lindsay

  3. She's super cute and looks so happy!

  4. Two months already... she looks so cute :) and Oh, she is very funny!

  5. Such a sweetheart - particularly with her smiles and hoots! I'm already looking forward to when she is a little older to see how she plays with the elephant in her monthly photo!

  6. oh my gosh, she is so precious. beautiful little girl.

  7. Ah! So adorable. That smile is too cute for words. So happy for you.


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