Thursday, September 8, 2011

One of a Kind Shopping

If you read this blog regularly, than you already know that I'm a big fan of the One of a Kind Show, which happens twice a year here in Toronto. (If you've missed my past reviews of the show, you can check them out here and here) Well, something exciting is going on with One of A Kind that means you have a chance to shop some of their fabulous artisans more than just twice a year. Yes, my friends, One of a Kind currently has an online shop up and running until September 19th.

The shop includes one piece from 10 featured artisans. Only 25 of each piece is available and everything is priced under $100... not too bad, right? Here's a look at my favourites from what's available...

I wrote about the work of Lesley-Anne Green in my Spring show review. I adore her work and this adorable felted lion is no exception!! Cute, right?


I love anything that represents this wonderful city I live in, including this silk screened journal cover. 


This leather pouch is just gorgeous, and I think any girl would love to carry this! 

Leather Pouch

This shop is such a fantastic idea to get shoppers ready for the One of a Kind Show. Now that I'm seeing the work from more of the artisans who will be there, I'm even more excited about this year's Christmas show!

Will you be attending the One of a Kind Show this November?

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  1. That pouch was the first thing that really caught my eye when I visited the website... Can you believe I have never been to the One of a Kind Show? I feel like I have been to every other type of show except that one... I might have to make a trip this November...

  2. That lion is so seriously cute! Ooo and that clutch! I love that they have a shop, now I can easily buy stuff all you bloggers rave about from the show!


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