Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Garage Sale Chair Revisited

Alright, so how is everyone with keeping up with all of the projects we're tackling over here? Finishing our basement, moving our bedroom, renovating our front entrance and of course always the smaller projects of refinishing something or another. Today I want to talk about my garage sale chair that I found way back in May.

When I last posted about it, I mentioned that I already had the fabric that I wanted to recover it in and that I knew what the finished product would look like in our renovated basement. I also mentioned I had started working away on it. At the time, both statements were true. Now, both statements still are true, just in a completely different way.

Work has started... but it's the same work I had started back in May, and I'm ready to get back to working on this fancy find. I'm almost done sanding, and I bought the wood stain during our weekend shopping trip to Lowes. As the temperature is slowly dropping, I am reminded that I need to finish sanding and staining as soon as possible, as I'd like to have this piece useable by the time the holidays roll around. With B focusing on our front entrance at the moment, I'll have more time to focus my energy on getting this portion of the project done. Easy-peesy.

The next part, not quite as simple. I had originally envisioned my chair done in a pretty neutral fabric, with the wood painted. This vision has very rapidly evolved and then over the weekend I stumbled across this photo...

Funny enough this picture (found on Janell's blog) is actually in her post about Grey and GREEN (not yellow). The thing is, I wasn't looking for the same thing, this photo just inspired me to go with grey and yellow.
Seeing this made me realize how gorgeous a yellow chair would look in our grey living room...

It'll definitely bring some colour into our very neutral space. So, this means I am officially on the hunt for the perfect fabric... and actually have been for a while. Just like with my office chair, I've been really indecisive with the fabric I want to use for this project.

For quite some time now, I thought that this would be the perfect fabric...

Now I'm realizing, that as much as I love it, adding more grey and white to the room will just seem way to boring to me.

For a short period of time, I also considered using this fabric, but as pretty as it is, I think it would be all wrong in our space...

So, with both of these aside... here are the new fabrics I am considering (I'm really focused on buying from Tonic Living, mainly because they are located in Toronto and I could have it shipped here quickly for free!)

I think that this one would really compliment the shape of the chair. I also like the two differing tones of yellow.

This one may also work. I like the combination of the grey and yellow, but not too sure how I feel about the stripes.

Loving the diamonds, and the combination of yellow and grey (again), but not sure if there is enough yellow in it for what I'm going for.

I'm pretty sure I know which one I like best, but I'm interested to hear some reader opinions. So spill - which fabric would you use for my garage sale chair in my living room? Not a fan of yellow? Seen something else over on Tonic Living that you think would work better? Spill!

We'll see where this whole thing actually takes me... I won't be surprised if I don't go with any of the above fabrics and end up with a very different colour when the whole thing is said and done...


  1. I would have to go with option #3! Diamonds are a girls best friend ;)

  2. I'm going to go with the first one! I have eyed that fabric for a while now, but in a different colourway. I thing it would look fab on your chair!

    But, as you said yesterday, you may have already changed your mind by the time you read this! Ha ha!

  3. Stripes...
    i gave you a tiny shout out on my blog today! come visit!
    i have the first fabric on pillows...let me know if you want to borrow them and live with the fabric for a while before you commit!

  4. I am liking the first one. It seems happy.

  5. girly that chair is going to look so fab! i adore grey and yellow!! the fabric choices are all great~ I am partial to number 3 and the diamond one!! can't wait to see what you do~

  6. I really like the last two, the stripes and the diamonds. That gray and yellow combination is great!

  7. I like number 1 Kerry but they are all fab.
    We didn't officially meet on Tuesday and I'm sorry for was a bit of a crazy day. Your blog is amazing and I'm off to get lost in it for a while...

  8. Thanks everyone! Love getting input from all of you! :) I ordered swatches of each of the fabrics so that I can try them out in the room before I commit! I also plan on hitting a few stores in the city this weekend to see if anything catches my eye!

    May look for your input again! :)

  9. Grey and Yellow are always winners. Your blog is great!

  10. I really like the diamonds!! But they're all fab, haha, coming from one indecisive person to another! Good luck, show us more pics in the room once you get the swatches!


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