Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dream Home - "Hungary" for Budapest

Yeas... cheesiest blog title ever, but it had to be done. We're a little early with today's post, but with no other content going on, I thought I'd just get the Dream Home up! There were no reader requests this week, so I decided that it was my chance to search for my own Dream Home! Recently, I've been dreaming of a vacation in Budapest. It all started with an article in Elle Decor a few months ago, and since then I haven't been able to stop dreaming about this beautiful city.

On my search, I found that it wasn't very easy to find big luxury homes in the city, but I did find this really lovely apartment with a perfect price tag attached! While I pack my bags, why don't you all have a look around?

I found this home through a google search of "Homes for Sale in Hungary". This 78 square meter (or 840 square foot) apartment, is completely renovated with four bedrooms, and a modern kitchen. It claims to be on one of the most popular streets in Budapest, surrounded by many bars, restaurants, theatres and shops, as well as excellent access to transit. Think about how much you would pay for said apartment in the city you live in... and then let me tell you this puppy is listed for $181,553 US! So let's take a look inside...

I love the architecture of the entrance to the building! Lots of stairs, but hey - we can all use a little exercise everyday, no? (Just try not to think about the hassle of moving in, okay? I'll hire movers anyway, they can deal with that madness while I visit a nearby bar) The high ceilings, the columns... and check out the railing on the staircase!

LOVE IT! Alright, onto the few photos of the apartment that were available...

This looks like it could be the entry of the apartment... or it could also be a hallway with doors to the bedrooms. Regardless, I'm thinking they did a pretty cool job with the paint. However, I must say that this is the low point of the apartment...

I think this kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! Those windows offer so much natural light, and I'm loving the neutral cupboards and counters! Leaves you with lots of choices for painting those walls. According to the listing, the kitchen is all Corian, with built in appliances and wood floors. Not too shabby, huh? The best spot though....

Check out that modern bath! Lovely! The listing says that those lights in the ceiling are "Swarovski crystal star lights". OK! There's also a light therapy bath and underfloor heating. Seriously? Along with everything else and this place is still under $200K?

I know, there is a serious lack of photos, but this was actually the posting with the most. Clearly they didn't need a lot of photos to sell me on the place anyway. Who's going to be my first guest in Budapest? Any takers?

If you want me to find you a Dream Home, leave me a comment or shoot me an email with some details and a location... I'll share next week!

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