Friday, July 23, 2010

Fancy Friday Love

Just a few fancy things I stumbled across this past week. Happy Weekend Everyone...

Lately I've got it in my head that I want a bunch of really nice matching linen tea towels to use in the kitchen, as ours are getting really gross. I began my search on Etsy and came across these beautiful hand-printed pieces made by madder root.

Aren't they gorgeous and stylish? There are all kinds of different prints to choose from, as well as colours. Even better, madder root is an eco friendly shop and use only organic materials and solvent free water based inks. Pop on over and check out these beauties. They also sell gorgeous limited edition scarves and sweet little recipes cards.

LOVE the Gala shoe from Kate Spade...

Need I say more? Really?

Before I bought my Dwell Studio, Draper Stripe Duvet from last week, I was considering using my $40 towards this Thomas Paul Pillow...

I wanted to use it in the basement... but I know I need to make a final decision of what I want to do down there first. When we originally moved in I told B it would be his man cave, but now that we've renovated, it's become our living room and B and I aren't quite seeing eye-to-eye on what will be happening down there. In time I guess...

How fabulous are these Wedding invites that were featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper this past Tuesday!?

I even love the little ink blots on the side and bottom of the invite and response card! The letter press printed font that looks like an old hand written letter has absolutely captured my heart. I think they are complete perfection.

Also loving these shoes from Anusha - a store based in the UK.

found via simplesong

Just a few things I loved this past week. Looking forward to a weekend full of sunshine, friends, family and the Beaches International Jazz Festival! Anyone else in Toronto going?

(Apologies for no home tour up yet... cleaning and prepping every single room in our house to be photographed in far more daunting than I had originally anticipated! But I've already started working on it... so keep coming back!)


  1. I love love love the flats!!!!!!!

  2. I'm currently looking for invites, and those ones stole my heart when I saw them last week. Wonderful!


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