Friday, July 16, 2010

Decision Made

Way back in May I won a $40 gift card to CSN Stores from Janice over at "Life Begins at Thirty, Right?". I had originally thought that I would like to buy a new duvet cover for our bedroom makeover, but as I shopped around I was overwhelmed by all of the beautiful choices over at CSN. 

Today as I shopped around I stumbled across this gorgeous duvet cover...

The best part, this gorgeous duvet cover made by Dwell Studio is normally over $200, but I found it in their clearance center for $126. With my $40 gift card it cost me only $90. I think it will look great with my gorgeous Robert Allan fabric I picked for the headboard!

Thanks Janice and CSN! I can't wait to get our new duvet cover! (it might take a while before I debut it on here... I had it shipped to B's parents place to save on the shipping costs). 

What do you think of my new duvet cover? Have you been shopping on CSN and found any great pieces? 


  1. Love your new duvet cover! + what a great deal!!! I have bedding on the brain today...maybe I will have to page through CSN's stuff!

  2. love it! and what a steal! so much fun*

  3. great price, and I love the stripes! Good job hunting for it.

  4. Gorgeous! Nice work! I haven't got anything on CSN before, but I take a look every so often. It seems like a great place for deals!

  5. I love it! What a great deal!!

  6. I know that this reminds me of....the tissue that wraps up your Holt Renfrew purchases!!!

  7. I love the stripes!

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm enjoying catching up on your blog.


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