Friday, July 16, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

I was catching up on some blogging late last night (early this morning) and saw that I had been given the "Beautiful Blogger" award from the wonderful Shannon over at What's Up Whimsy! (Thank you Shannon!). 

I had a great time learning a little about Shannon, and now it's my turn to share 10 things about me, and pass it on to 5 other bloggers. So let's get started, shall we?

1. I played rugby in high school, all 5'0" 115lbs of me ran around a field, tackling girls who were much larger than me. It was only one season in my final year, but I loved every second of it. Plus it's fun to see people's reactions when I tell them that now.

2. My mom is my hero. She's been through a LOT and has come out the other side smiling. She's the strongest woman I know, and I admire that about her.

Walking the survivors lap at the 2008 Relay for Life

3. I am the youngest of two. My brother and I could not get along if our lives depended on it, when we were kids. Now that we live apart (and I guess that we're older), we get a long a whole lot better. I'm also often told we look a like...

Ya, so you can't tell if we do... this is just my favorite picture of the two of us

4. My very first word was "budder"... meant to be "brother". I just couldn't say it properly.

5. Before I met B, I had plans to work for a year or two and save up some money and go to the U.K for a year on a working VISA... which I hoped would ultimately end in me staying there... permanently. I still believe I would love to live in London.

6. When I was in University, my room mate and best friend, Veronica and I were often asked if we were twins. When it would benefit us, we took advantage of the situation.

7. B and I met in the summer of 2007. We were long distance our entire first year together. Within a year of us starting to date, B quit his job, left his family and headed north of the border to be with me. After being together less than 2 years together we bought our home. To some that may be too fast... to us, it just felt right... and still does. 

8. Marionettes scare me (particularly the ones used in "Thunder Birds" and "Team America: World Police"). Maybe it's their shifty eyes, the way their mouths moves or how they float when they walk... or ALL OF THE ABOVE. Regardless... they are creepy, they scare me and B thinks it's hilarious.

Even posting this photo creeps me out...

9. After breaking up with my boyfriend in University, I came home for Thanksgiving and my girlfriends and I threw a fake "bachelorette party"... they picked me to be the blushing bride-to-be for a night. For a couple years after people from my hometown still asked me about my "wedding". We pulled it off pretty incredibly.

10. My favorite singer is Bryan Adams. I've seen him live 4 times. The second concert I went to, the roadies gave me second row tickets... made friends with the girls in front of us and ended up in front row. The third time I saw him, I went on my own. The most recent was during our April trip to Boston... and I made B go with me. I can't help but sing and dance every time one of his songs comes on... no matter WHERE we are!

Now, for five beautiful bloggers that I feel have become blogger friends. Blogs I read and bloggers I connect with. Hopefully I'm the first to ask them to take part...

- Brittany from My.Daily.Randomness
- Sara from Russet Street Reno
- Shannon from 8 foot 6

I hope you all enjoyed learning about me... and I look forward to having a chance to learn a little more about my blogger friends as well! Happy weekend everyone.


  1. No problem Kerry! I love learning more about my blogger friends! I loved your #2 :)

    I already follow Janice, Lindsay and Shannon, but I am going to look into Brittany and Sara's blogs too - thanks for sharing!

  2. Yay, thank you for the award! I have to say a few things:
    Me and my brother also get along really well now that we're grown up.
    You totally look like twins with your friend!
    You did a fake bachelorette party? Hysterical!!

  3. Yaaahh! Thanks for the tag Kerry! I really enjoyed reading yours... I like your #9 it's something I should have done for sure!! lol
    I finally got around to posting mine, finding 10 random things was harder than I thought!


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