Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our Very First Crop!

Back in April I posted about us starting a veggie garden in the backyard. It's now almost August and we're starting to see some progress out there. Mostly with our tomato plants. Check these bad boys out...

There are two regular tomato plants, two roma tomato plants and two cherry tomato plants. That one that is taller than B... yeah that's a cherry tomato plant. Has ANYONE ever seen one that big before? (He's 6'0", and I realize he is bending his head... but still)

Of course, having that many large plants means we have a whole whack of tomato's getting ready to turn! I can't wait to start harvesting them and have some fresh tomato's in our salads! Shouldn't be long now...

So now you'r thinking... so what exactly did you harvest from your tomato dominated garden?? Well, this of course...

Yup! Just one individual green bean. Absolutely perfect. So, we'll have to cook just ONE green bean and enjoy the first crop from our tiny Toronto veggie garden!



  1. Our tomatoes are finally turning red, I can't wait to make some good stuff with them this weekend.

  2. Wow!! I'm so impressed that you grew those!! Crazy!!

  3. There is nothing like a fresh picked green bean!! When I was little I remember helping my grandma pick them in her garden and would just eat them raw right there! She would slap my hands and tell me to wait for dinner :)

  4. Thanks everyone! @Sara - aren't fresh from your own garden tomatoes sooo good?

    @Brittany, I can't wait to eat our sole green bean! I told B we would have to eat the bean someway or another since it's the very first thing we've grown!


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