Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ruby Red Rooms

Unless our little bundle is very late, she will be born in July (God I hope she arrives in July). While thinking of this the other week, I went to double check what her zodiac sign should be, along with what her birthstone will be. She'll be a Cancer (as long as she arrives before July 22, otherwise she'll be a Leo), and her birthstone will be a Ruby. In honour of our little girl's red birthstone, today I wanted to share some inspiring red rooms. It's not always an easy colour to do right, but I think these rooms nailed it right on the head!

This tone on tone space from House to Home. may not be to everyone's taste but I think it's done quite nicely. The bold red is broken up quite well using a neutral sofa, and the neutral carpeting. With just a coat of paint on the wall, and couple changes of inexpensive pieces, the whole look of this room could be completely different!

via Living Etc

Another bold space, this time from Style at Home. Some of you may recognize this beautiful dressing room from one of their "high-low features" (we all love 'em, right?). Much like the first room, with the flooring and many of the accents kept neutral, this room could easily be transformed with a coat of paint... but really, I love the cheery shade of red in this room!

high-low-dressing-high via style at home

For those of you who are not so much into the bold spaces, this kitchen from Style at Home might be a little more to your taste. Rather than going all out, this room incorporates a hit of red with some gorgeous wallpaper, which seems to pull the red tones out in the wood. A hint of red, done tastefully - I like it!

bachelorette-kitchen via style at home

I think that this red bathroom (found on this blog) is absolutely adorable. I'm always a fan of white subway tile in washrooms. The hardest part about changing this room around, would be committing to a red tub. Yes, you could have it painted again down the line if you so desired, but that may involve some more work and money than simply slapping a coat of paint on the walls. Regardless, this room gets two thumbs up from me!

via AB Chao

What do you think of red used in rooms? Would you or have you attempted red in your home? 


  1. I love all these rooms, but I don't think I would ever use that much red in my own home! I'm much more of a blue/green/purple girl :)

    Hope everything's going well with you!! xo

  2. I totally love red. It's usually my mom's favorite color and I opt for green but I've used it in my own house all over the place. It's so cheery!

  3. i'm so into zodiac signs. my bestie and i were trying to figure out her baby's sign since the constellations shifted last year. i really believe in all that stuff. the red is gorgeous!

  4. what a great themed post! and, um, cute a name would that be?

  5. Thanks ladies! :)

    @MajorGal - yeah, B mentioned the same thing, but I've heard all kinds of stuff about how the shift didn't actually effect anything, so I'm sticking to the old zodiac (largely because I have my zodiac sign tattooed on my left hip haha)... So a Cancer (or Leo) she shall be (in my eyes anyway)

  6. I love a pop of red! Such a bold and pretty color:)

  7. I love the red! Maybe I will transform our master bathroom like the last image you showed. Wonder what the wallpaper is?

  8. I totally love red..! I think it's done quite nicely. The whole look of this room could be completely different. my families and I all like you designing.


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