Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guest Post - "Outside the Box" Kids Rooms from Shannon

Good Morning! We're still adjusting to being brand new parents, so today my lovely friend Shannon from What's up Whimsy is here with a guest post for all of you! Shannon has such great style, and you can see it reflected in the bedroom she completed for her little boy Keaton! Speaking of kids rooms - Shannon is here today to share some great kids rooms, check these out!

I am so happy to be guest posting for Kerry while she is taking care of her little Peanut (I'm sure we all know her name by now, but as I'm writing this, she is still in Mommy's tummy). Since we're talking all things baby lately, I thought I would write about a topic near and dear to my heart - kids rooms. I love being able to take a blank room and transform it into a cool and unique space that's perfect for a newborn or child. But I'm not talking your typical kids room. I'm talking about something that's a little more grown up, yet still has a kid element to it. I just recently put together a room for my two year old son, Keaton.

Even though he is only two, I went a little grown up with the colours, accessories and wall colours...and that skyline is definitely not typical! But, the bottom line is, he loves it.
So, I thought I would share some other atypical kids rooms to show how it pays to think outside of the box.

Via DecorPad

Tell me, as a teenage girl, you wouldn't love waking up to this bright and unique room. Heck, I'd like it at this age! The purple and yellow is a really interesting colour combination and something you wouldn't really think works together, but it does!

As soon as I saw this nursery tour, I knew I loved it.  The neutral decor isn't always the first colour route for new parents, but it totally works here.  And what other baby has a cool, hand-painted gallery wall?

The colourful prism design on the wall was the first thing that grabbed me in this not-so-traditional girls room, but it's the bed that I'm in love with.  Too bad I can't recreate the big bow detail in Keaton's room ;)

And lastly, a great example of how small spaces can turn into really unique kids rooms.  In their small apartment, Jordan Ferney, of Oh Happy Day, and her family needed to make room for a new baby, so they transformed a walk-in closet into a bedroom for their son.  They even managed to fit in a cool set of bunkbeds!

When it comes to kids rooms, looking outside the traditional box of gender-associated colours and typical furniture, can develop into a unique room that your kid will be proud of - and you will too!

Thanks for letting me guest post today Kerry. I hope you're enjoying your time off with Peanut...I can't wait to meet her!

Thank you so much Shannon for this great post! So much inspiration for when our little girl grows... and of course, you know I love out of the box rooms. Halle's nursery is my favourite place for the two of us to cuddle and nurse and just enjoy this time with her being a tiny squishy newborn! 


  1. Very cute rooms, some of my favourites there. I love a room that will grow with the child that lives there!

  2. I personally love non-traditional kids rooms. I plan to do dark colors in my own child's nursery, someday....

  3. Thanks so much for letting me guest post Kerry. It was a pleasure! xo


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