Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dream Home - A Penthouse in Prague

Well... it's been quite a while since I've had a Tuesday afternoon escape to a Dream Home somewhere. I figured that this first Tuesday of my maternity leave was the perfect time to get back to it. Since I'm trying to stick close to home until Peanut arrives, it's nice to imagine getting away somewhere exciting... and today is pretty exciting. I've found a gorgeous Penthouse in Prague, somewhere I always dream of travelling to, and of course I found it on Sotheby's lovely real estate website

This single family penthouse is 5,673 square feet and is listed at $8.7M US! But with the stunning views and incredible indoor pool, right in the city - I'd part with that (if I had the money of course)! Before I get to the real selling points, lets take a look at the interior spaces...


A bright, modern, clean lined kitchen... what's not too love?

Also - lots of warm wood tones used throughout the rooms...



Maybe a bit too much wood used for my taste in the bedroom, but you could always lighten it up with a lighter bed and area rug, and also some artwork. I think a huge upholstered headboard would make all the difference in this bedroom!

My favourite room on the interior would have to be the spacious dressing room...


Check out those windows... and the lighting in the FLOORS! Fantastic! Just like the bedroom it would be easy to make it more feminine with a lighter area rug, some pretty window treatments, and maybe even a fantastic chandelier. 

Then, heading up to the roof - this is what you would find first...



I wouldn't mind taking an early morning dip in this indoor pool... followed up by breakfast in my rooftop garden with stunning views...




Not a bad place to spend your time, and so close to a bustling city! Not your kind of place? Where do you dream of living? Leave me a comment or shoot me an email - I'd be happy to search our your Dream Home for you!


  1. that rooftop space is amazing, as is the pool area. i guess things in prague should be really old or something, to me, which is why i like those views best. great find!

  2. OMG...that view...that patio...that VIEW! Are you kidding me? for a price that a new york 1000sq foot apt would go for haha I have always wanted to go to Prague as well...since you're looking, if you can find me a dream house in thailand (anywhere), or Kauai (Hawaii) I would love to see it :)

  3. My godness, having a money I would buy it immediately.


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