Friday, July 8, 2011

Fancy Friday Love

Happy Friday once again!! I truly enjoyed having this week to sit back and stay caught up on all of my favourite blogs... which of course means, lots of fancy finds! Check these ones out...

Last Friday on Bliss, we got a look inside of this gorgeous Wilton, Connecticut home. Though the entire thing was lovely, what really caught my eye was this outstanding table that was placed in the kitchen dining space...

via bliss blog

Love the shape and the reclaimed wood! (of course those grey windows and that lighting fixture also make my heart flutter...)

This find is actually from last Thursday, but my google reader is acting up a little and showing me posts a little late. Regardless, I was thrilled to find the shop Olive's Friend Pop via A Little Sussy! How cute are these baby clothes?

iris shorts via olive's friend pop

evie skirt via olive's friend pop

On Monday Christine shared some shots from the portfolio of the talented Katie Leede and I instantly fell in love with all of the beautiful rooms. To see more, head here - but for now, check out this stunning bathroom...

via bijou and boheme

On Tuesday Kirsten shared this stunning little nursery that she designed for a client and her little girl...

kirsten krason via 6th Street Design School

I think we could all use a little dreaming of a trip down the river Nile on The Sun Boat 111, that was on Verdigris Vie mid week. Not only would the location be gorgeous, but the boat itself is beyond anything I could ever imagine...

via verdigris vie

Hello beautiful nautical room with lovely views! Will you please be mine? (via 79 ideas)

via 79 ideas

Desire to Inspire introduced to me to another fabulous architect this past week when they shared some photos from the portfolio of California based Lewin Wertheimer. You need to check out this post... and his portfolio for yourself!

lewin werthheimer via desire to inspire

This weekend, we have a golf tournament and BBQ Jack n' Jill for my brother and soon to be sister-in-law! I cannot wait to go. I'm sure you can guess who will be golfing, and who will not. Worked out well though as the maid of honour needed a pair of left handed clubs and just so happens I golf left... glad I could be of some use. Should be fun, and I look forward to sharing some photos with you next week (hopefully). 

What fun and fancy things do you have planned for this lovely summer weekend?


  1. Love the table in the first pics. And of course those baby clothes are too cute! That last kitchen photo is amazing!!! I really enjoy reading your blog! I'm your newest follower!

    I shared our living room remodel pics this morning! I hope you'll come over and check it out!

  2. Great roundup Kerry. That first image is striking. Oh to have room to fit a table of that size!

    I'll be off thrift hunting with Vanessa, Tim and Amy on Saturday. We'll be Rock/Paper/Scissoring for the best finds, lol. And then I'm going to the Toronto Outdoor Art show. Its my favourite place to buy original art and its a great way to spend a summer day outside.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. What great projects, especially love that table! Baseball and hopefully pool time in store this weekend. Can't wait.

  4. Seriously.....that table is to DIE for.....I can't stop looking at it! And those silver metal chairs add a certain something that just makes me screech!!! I am actually like an excited 5 year old staring at this photo. What is wrong with me?! I need table/chair combo like this someday...

    Great post :) Happy Weekend!

  5. I adore the dining table in the first image - such a wonderful shape for that style - so used to seeing them rectangular, and the kitchen in the last image...a cooks dream!! So thrilled to find and follow your blog ~

  6. Have great weekend, Kerry! I really like that table in the first pick - how perfect at a lake home? All I can think about these days is cottages :) x

  7. Enjoy your weekend Kerry. It sounds so happy:) Love the finds too.

  8. Live olive's friend pop, so fantastic!! And so are all these Picts I adore that kitchen and sweet nursery:)

  9. Love the 1st photo Kerry! How are you doing? Anyday now, no?


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