Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Backyard Inspiration

As yesterday morning's post would indicate, we've spent a lot of time recently focusing on the front of our home. Well, our backyard is one of those spaces that could probably be really nice... if we tried... harder. Not to say we haven't given it any TLC since we moved in. I mean, it's already quite an improvement over what it used to look like, but it has a long way to go still. One area in particular that I often dream about sprucing up is our back deck area...

Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up
{All photos taken circa April 2010}

Here's some inspirational photos that have me dreaming about what could be...

via lonnymag
{via Lonny}

A seating bench, pretty throw pillows, a vintage patio set, lovely lanterns and the perfect patio covering that allows the sun to shine through, but would protect our deck in particular from all of the "stuff" that falls out of giant tree in the yard (we're pretty sure it's a walnut...)

via house and home sept2010
{via Canadian House & Home - September 2010 issue}

We always talk about putting in double doors at the back of the house, and I just wish we could have a beautiful patio built up like that. Everything about this yard is absolutely gorgeous! What a perfect summer entertaining spot.

We've talked about putting in a prettier privacy screen and a seating bench on the side of the deck that faces our neighbours (in the above picture, it's the side with the cheap lattice privacy screen and our old BBQ). A pretty seating bench like this perhaps...

via 6th street design
{Urban Grace Interiors via 6th Street Design School}

As for the privacy screen idea, B and I are both in favour of horizontal wood - kind of like this...

Tiger Deck Privacy Screen

I only hope that our deck can look as pretty as the one above one day! What a great place this would be to hang out with our little fam and entertain extended family and friends!

I have always adored blue and white together and think that this little backyard is just lovely!

via creategirl

What's not for me to love? The grey, blue and white combo would work perfectly with our home, and B and I always talk about putting double doors from our kitchen, and a nice wide staircase on our back deck! I also like the way they used some plain pavers and made the lower patio look spectacular! 

At this point, it's quite clear that we will not be getting around to any major back yard changes this summer, with our little girl set to arrive whenever she pleases - but we'll store these ideas away and can start planning next spring.

Do you have any big outdoor projects underway at the moment?


  1. Love these photos - that 2nd last picture I can totally see on your deck. I did a post on beautiful backyards today - pop over for more inspiration :)

  2. Oh man, I'm totally begging for an outdoor space re-vamp myself! Not going to happen this year, but maybe I can convince hubs for next spring too! :)

  3. Such pretty spaces and ideas. We just decided to pretty up our patio space in our backyard to so we can expand our living space.

  4. Love your inspiration images Kerry! We just received our initial plans from our landscape designer and I'm thrilled. Planning to post them on my blog next week. It's going to be a two year project though, so it will be a while before we can actually use it.

  5. Oooooooooo I love the first picture and the last picture! :D So perfect! Fun lanterns, and the colors blue and white! So crisp and fun! :D

  6. I love horizontal fences as well!! I just pinned that picture so I can show it to our fence guy!

  7. Amazing!! There is nothing like a great outdoor space:) can't wait to see yours

  8. The privacy screen for, well, privacy & some lanterns to have the right atmosphere in the evenings are what I would favour, too.


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