Friday, July 29, 2011

Guest Post - Pretty Girl's Rooms from Christine

Another day, another fantastic guest post for all of you! I feel so lucky to have the utterly fabulous Christine from Bijou and Boheme here to guest post for me. Here's a little fun fact for you... Christine was the very first blogger to find out we had a little peanut on the way! I told her in person at the Christmas One of a Kind Show preview breakfast back in December, and her enthusiasm for mommy hood definitely helped! So thank you Christine... for everything!

Hi Fanciers, I'm so so happy to be here today holding down the fort while sweet Kerry is resting up and getting ready for her little peanut to arrive...or maybe I should edit this to say 'while Kerry is enjoying her new sweet peanut' ...we'll see :)
In any event, and as you all know, Kerry is having a baby...and it's a girl!!!
In honour of her sweet soon to be (or maybe is) timbit, I thought why not dream up a little room pretty that her little princess can enjoy through the years.
First the nursery...

Next, her childhood princess room...

And finally, her cool teenage boudoir...

Note that I changed the layout, furniture, wallpaper and lighting in each design...these are just mood boards after all...budget rules/reality/sane decision making need not apply:)
And with that, I'm wishing Kerry all the joy in the world as she becomes a mommy for the very first time...there's nothing so sweet in the world!!!


Thank you SO MUCH Christine! These rooms are absolutely stunning, and may of course inspire our little girl's future bedroom once she grows out of her turquoise nursery. You truly have a fabulous eye. I hope everyone else enjoyed these gorgeous moodboard's as much as I did!


  1. I LOVE these! My mom did a dusty rose theme (it was the 80s) for me when I was a wee girl and we still have the duvet hahaha!!! Now I prefer blue bedrooms for the calming effect, but one day I know I'll enjoy decorating a room for my own wee baby girl. Kerry - peanut will love all of these rooms :)

  2. Well I do love Christine's style, so I'm not surprised, but I LOOOOVE these designs! A whole lot : ) Congrats if you've had the little one by now!!

  3. So pretty! So girly girl! Love it!

  4. I'm so sorry that I missed this and didn't link over- I've had a really blech week so have not been blogging at all. I will definitely link over tomorrow and thank you so so much for asking me to visit while you're enjoying that sweet baby girl of yours:) xo

  5. Love the inspiration boards - they're all pretty cute :)

    I'm your #200 follower :) Have a great week!!!

  6. Holy smokes hotness. Great post. I might "borrow" this idea for boy nursery ideas for me :)

  7. well done christine. for a blech week you still turned that shit out.

  8. Christine is a design genius... I always loves what she creates. How wonderful to be expecting... such an exciting time. xo

  9. That bed is absolutely gorgeous...and I'm kinda partial to the red! Always brilliant ideas coming from that Christine!

  10. Um, I'd take that teenager's room right now!


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