Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dream Home - South African Escape

I'm back this Tuesday with a little escape. Things are going well, and we're closing in our spring... but part of me is still dreaming of taking off to a new destination. For quite some time now I've daydreamed about visiting South Africa, so this week I thought I'd search out a pretty little number through Sotheby's and see what came up. What came up was this gorgeous home in Johannesburg, listed at $5.65M (American).

I know, impressive right? What's more impressive is everything this home has to offer, including staff quarters, a guest house, a wine cellar / grotto and mountain views... plus the beautiful interior you're about to be witness to!

Though the reception room below is a little formal for my liking there were a few things for me to love. The fabric on the furniture, the gleaming floors, the french doors and the gilded wheat sheath table!

You also have a few wonderful options on where you could dine and entertain guests in the home. For a more intimate relaxed setting, this room seems perfect...

Great with the walk out onto the beautifully landscaped gardens (which I'll get to in a bit). I'm also loving that gorgeous light fixture. When I originally saw this room I thought "I'm sure they could put a bigger dining table in here for entertaining?"... then I realized it was unnecessary when the dining room right off it looks like this...

HELLO! Tons of space for a huge table, a lovely fireplace, fabulous moulding on the ceiling and lots of natural light! Absolutely stunning!

Oh right... and you also have the option to munch on a lovely breakfast or light lunch in the stunning eat-in kitchen...

I love how clean and bright it is... and those doors out onto the patio are fantastic. Plus, the floor to ceiling windows over on the left. Yeah... I think I could be inspired to cook up a delicious meal in this space.

This home also boasts 4 double bedrooms, 2 with ensuites. In the pictures below, the fourth room is being used as an office space... but I'm positive I would use it as a bedroom, there is a much better potential office space within these walls...

That second bedroom would definitely be my master. With the walk-out and the fireplace, it seems like the perfect retreat.

Now for that potential office I mentioned...

Isn't it something else with those ceilings and the stone floor. I'm also madly in love with the doors. Talk about an incredibly inspiring space to work from. This room is what sold me... as well as the gorgeous grounds the home is set on...

The whole thing just makes my heart race... and there are more photos of the landscaping and bathrooms that I just didn't have room to share. Check out the listing to see every beautiful room and landscape!

Are you dreaming of a home in a far off place... or even the perfect home nearby? I'd love to search out the house of your dreams... I love stalking gorgeous homes. Leave me a comment or shoot me an email, and I'd be happy to find the abode of your dreams!


  1. That pool is seriously unreal! It's so beautiful!!!

  2. wow - so much sparkle in this home -- lovely!

  3. incredible! that garden is spectacular! i have always wanted to visit africa~


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