Friday, September 27, 2013

Fancy Friday Love

Friday is upon us once again, and I have some favourites from around the blog world to share with you. Here we go...

Loved this adorable shared bedroom from Lay Baby Lay last Friday. Everything about it is perfect for children, while still being something they can grow into! 


I'm still collecting lots of dining room inspiration for us (I have new purchases to share with you next week - think seating). There are so many great spaces out there, and it's no surprise that I fell in love with this dining room, by Annsley Interiors, that was on House of Turquoise yesterday. Lovely, no?

Annsley Interiors via House of Turquoise

I'd love to enjoy breakfast this weekend in this dining nook (designed by Benjamin Dhong). It just looks so cozy, and relaxing. A perfect place to curl up and enjoy my morning coffee... while Halle runs around wildly proclaiming "pum pay Mama! NOW!" (translation: Come Play Mama! NOW!").

benjamin dhong design classic (4)

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for me! I had a meeting in the morning with one really cool lady (keep an eye out here to find out what that was all about soon!), and enjoyed a wonderful sunny afternoon with little H. The day ended nicely with Glee Season 5 coming back (Hi, my name is Kerry and I am a Gleek) AND we received our sneak peek gallery of wedding photos. I would like to share them with our families first, but I thought I'd share this image of my bouquet... that I made. Big thanks to Katie from K. Thompson Photography for doing such an incredible job capturing our big day! We can't wait to see the rest!

Wedding Flowers - Photography by

Well - it should be a good weekend around here. B has planned to have some people over on Saturday for my birthday, and I think Sunday we'll try to take it easy. B will be working on our DIY Dining table (hopefully some photos soon), and I will spend some time working on my office and downstairs guest room. Hopefully we can cross a lot off of our to-do list!

What do you have planned for this final September weekend?


  1. Kerry, your bouquet is amazing!! I can't believe you made that. I want to see more!

  2. You made your own bouquet!!?? Super impressed! Can't wait to see more!


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