Friday, April 5, 2013

Fancy Friday Love

It's so nice slowly getting back into blogging. It was fun to share a couple posts this past week, and I hope to have a few more projects finished up around here soon that I can share. In the meantime, I tried to get some blog reading done this past week, and here is what I loved...

I am head over heels in love with this "Sparkle and Shine" themed birthday party from Kara's Party Ideas. I've been on the hunt for the perfect theme for Halle's 2nd Birthday (it's scary how quickly that is coming), so this will be saved away for future inspiration just incase...

We've been talking about what we plan to do now that we are past the year point in our rental. We're talking and going back and forth over a few options... but every time I see a place like this gorgeous kitchen from desire to inspire, I want to get back into the real estate game and start renovating a home again. I really want a space we can transform and make our own... is that too much to ask. (I have to say, in a real estate market like we have here in the Greater Vancouver Area... yes, yes it is).


I know first hand that small spaces can be hard to live in. It's not always easy to make them feel cozy, without feeling too cluttered. I think that Jordan's living room is the definition of 
"nailing it", when it comes to small space living - don't you agree?


Well, the weekend is here and I plan on sticking close to home with my two loves. Halle was feeling a little under the weather yesterday and just wanted to cuddle all night long with us. I've just been in spring cleaning mode, and I can't wait for a weekend of yummy food, cuddles and probably a few good movies. What do you have planned for this April weekend?


  1. Oh I love Jordan's living too! So lovely. I hope Halle is feeling better soon!

  2. Love that living room and that party idea sounds awesome! Love the tassels and the glitter tablecloth!


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