Monday, April 1, 2013

Truly One of a Kind

Happy April everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. We got to spend a lot of family time together and eat some really delicious food. 

I'm a little late on this post, since I spent the latter half of last week nursing our little girl, but I wanted to share my visit to the One of Kind Show in Toronto last week. I hope you didn't miss the show because it was fantastic! The whole set up was beautiful (as always), and it really evoked the feeling of Spring... even when it was still cold outside...

OOAK Toronto

OOAK Toronto

OOAK Toronto

We were served an absolutely delicious brunch by Chef Toben Kochman of Toben Food by Design. I decided to enjoy my breakfast with a tasty lemon meringue tea from Tealish - so tasty!

OOAK Toronto

OOAK Toronto




Each of the little bites we were treated to tasted fantastic. I tried one of each and could've gone back for more, but was itching to get out and see the show floor. Unfortunately, my time at the show was limited to just over an hour so I had to make quick work of my tour. I did manage to find a few really fabulous vendors, and even picked up a little something for Halle. Here's my love list from the show (I've included links so if you missed the show, you can visit them online).

I was drawn in by her beautiful totes and bags, but fell in love with everything. If you are in Toronto, you can visit them at 798 dundas street west.



I wish I had, had a chance to go back to this booth. There were a few cards I adored, but I was especially in love with the idea of the Stationery Survival Kit they offered. Never be without a card for special occasion.

flakes paperie

flakes paperieflakes paperie

flakes paperie

This sweet set up was located in the new section of the show, which showcased a number of local Etsy sellers. I loved exploring it, and was happy to get to chat with the owner, Kelli. She actually quit her corporate job to start her business and is a completely self taught illustrator. Her work is fun and cute, and she has cards for every occasion. If you're looking for something cute and clever, make sure to pop by her Etsy shop!

little BIG WORDS

little BIG WORDSlittle BIG WORDS

This was the only booth on my adventure that I stopped to make a purchase at. We have one towel at home that we absolutely LOVE for Halle. It's really big and easy to wrap around her, even now that she's a toddler. After having a little chat, I realized that towel was a babywrapper towel (it had been passed onto us from a friend)! Knowing how much I already LOVED this product, I grabbed a second one for our baby girl. If you're looking for a great baby shower gift, or even a great towel for your own little one, this is a great option.



If I had more time, and a bigger shopping budget, I could've spent every second, and every penny, shopping here for Halle. The designs and fabrics were gorgeous and I know that Halle would look beautiful in these dresses. 

red thread

red thread

Other booths that I visited, but didn't have too much time to hang around are below. Pay them a visit - they deserve it!

baby magoo - I loved their handmade hooded towels

love at first blush - these stunning leather accessories caught my attention as soon as I saw them in the show books. They are just as beautiful in person, and I will be adding a few to my own wish list!

Handsome and Lace - Also located in the Etsy section, their ties caught my attention in the show book as well. With our wedding fast approaching, I was hoping I could find some ties for B and the groomsmen. These pieces are beautiful! I'll be paying a visit to her Etsy shop for sure.

Monster Lab - I adored these monsters, and was drawn in by how adorable they were. I would've loved to by one for Halle, however, I'm not too sure how she would react to them right now... but possibly in another year these may be the perfect toy for our little girl. (she's going through a phase where she is scared of very odd things - trust me, these adorable monsters are in no way frightening).

So there you have my morning at One of a Kind Show Toronto. It was a short trip but so great, and I do hope that I can come back to Toronto and visit the Christmas show this year as well. Did you attend the show this weekend? What were some of your favourite booths? Did you pick up anything fun? I'd love to hear from others who went!


  1. Love the round-up! It was so nice meeting you at the show!

    1. Thanks Emilija! It was so great meeting you and your beautiful baby girl too! I hope she took a little snooze for you! :)

  2. SO pretty! Kerry, I LOVE the Flakes Paperie's idea of using envelopes as a display banner. A paper bunting almost! Wish I'd been there too! :) Hope that Halle is doing better now.

  3. Every year you post about this show it looks sooo good! Hope to go check it out one year.


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