Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring is in the Air

Things come in three's right? We've had two pieces of huge news dropped on us last week... I'm hoping a third, equally as large, bomb doesn't drop to make it three. The two were enough, and we're trying to work as a team to battle through everything (like we always do). It's one of the best parts of being with your best friend... you know as long as you stick together you can get through anything. While B and I were chatting about it the other day I told him, at least we're all here together and we're all healthy (mostly... the exception of some little cold bugs floating around) and happy. It's true, and these photos I've snapped recently of Halle out enjoying LIFE, always reminds me of what's most important. As long as we are together, that is all that matters...

March 2013


{She discovered that she DOES love to "PLASH!" in the puddles. I discovered that I love to watch her splash!}


While we do what we have to do, I have some new additions (as in, NOT tags) coming to Halle Handmade this week! I'm really excited about what's coming and I hope you love what I've done as much as I do!

What did you get up to this weekend? Some family time!? How do you deal with unpleasant news? What do you find is the best way to stay strong as a team and work together instead of letting it turn you against one another?


  1. Thinking of your guys! As usual, you have such an amazing attitude :) I can't believe how big Halle's getting - love the shades, haha.

  2. Oh how I want spring to come! We had snow all weekend in Edmonton ....booo...
    And I'm totally with you bad news, it sucks but sticking together makes all the difference. March was such a horrible month for us with one piece of bad news after another. I felt like when April rolled around we were finally able to lift out of the fog. I'm sticking with this quote these days (and repeating it a lot): Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together - Marilyn Monroe.

  3. These photos are so cute! I love her little outfits :)

    Sorry to hear about the bad news though. Hopefully it's nothing too serious :( Stick in there!

  4. Halle is quite possibly the cutest little puddle jumper in all the land. Clearly I need to catch up on your household's happenings.

  5. Halle is a doll!! Seriously so cute. Whenever we are faced with unpleasant news, i also take a some reflection time and vent/regroup with husband and your right marrying your best friend makes everything a little easier, you know they'll have your back and be there for you which makes all the difference.

  6. awww sorry to hear there's some sad news in the atmosphere - hopefully things look up. I love the puddle jumping photos, so cute. And happy it's spring...we're still waiting (although sunday was a windy but sunny glimpse at what it could look like).


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