Monday, April 15, 2013

Exploring with Little Miss H

Happy Monday friends. While we were busy over the weekend, today I wanted to share with you one of the adventures that Halle and I got up to last week. There have been some changes happening that have been making things a little crazy, so last Tuesday it was overcast and a little cool, so I decided to get us out of the house and see somewhere new. I loaded us into the car and we headed to Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. While the gardens were already looking beautiful, it wasn't our main reason for visiting...




After a quick walk through these beautiful flowers, we headed to Bloedel Conservatory. It was the perfect day for it, since it started drizzling as we arrived at the building. As soon as we stepped inside, we warmed right up. At $6.50 for my admission, and Halle being free it was the perfect budget friendly day trip for us. Of course, Halle just loved all of the beautiful birds.


{These were the first two birds we saw, and she was so captivated she didn't want to leave them. She had no idea what was to come...}

{She was very sweet and loved saying "Hello" to all of the birds. Some even had kisses blown to them}


{In the background is a silver pheasant. One of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen up close!}


It was such a wonderful day with my sweet girl. Her smiles and giggles brightened up the otherwise overcast day, and the way she slept the whole way home let me know she really enjoyed herself. I'm hoping as the weather continues to improve out here that I can find more fun day trips for the two of us that are budget friendly, and fun to explore.

What are some of your favourite things to do with an inquisitive toddler? What keeps you sane on rainy days and how do you get out when the sun is shining?


  1. When my kids were little we LOVE the aquarium. It was cheaper to get a year's pass. And we also love the Greater Vancouver Zoo, but it isn't a cheap trip, and not something you do on a rainy day. As for rainy days, the swimming pool was always a hit!

  2. OMG that kid!!! Just when I think she couldn't be any cuter!!! I so miss that age with my kids. I love to see them explore at places like that. We used to frequent the butterfly conservatory just so I could watch their amazement over and over again. Also, we always made use of our local Y for swimming.

  3. Halle is starting to look so grown up - it sounds like you had a lovely day, with some beautiful photo memories...

  4. Oh my, she couldn't be any cuter! Trips to the library and the local park were always a hit around here. So jealous of your beautiful parks out West though!

  5. Lovely!! Her little pick tails are so sweet! To keep my little toddler busy we do lots of park dates :) I'm also taking him on Sat to get his Library card, I can't wait for him to start checking out books like a big boy! We also visit the Zoo & a local kids 'museum'

  6. So sweet! Love the pic of her little hand waving to the birds. Shows just how innocent they are! I see so much of you in her! (I mean from what I can see through your blog! haha)


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