Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The First Nursery Purchase

As I mentioned Monday, B and I made a trip to The National Home Show last Friday. I'd won some tickets from Staci, and we thought with having the day off we'd rather attend on a weekday than fight the weekend crowds... and were we ever happy that we did!

We went to the show with no particular renovations in mind. It was more of a chance to get out of the house and to check out what was new and interesting. In the end, we stopped at a few more places than we had anticipated.

We stopped and looked at, and talked to, a few people about sliding glass doors (that's a whole other post, and a project that is not even being truly considered at the moment), and then we found Keesta!

Keetsa sells eco-friendly sleep products and B and I were instantly in love with one of their memory foam mattresses. If we hadn't just bought a new bedframe and lighting, as well as a really great purchase for the basement (which I'll share soon) we may have been in the market to snag a mattress at the show since they were offering $200 off. We're normally not fans of memory foam but this one mattress in particular was to-die-for. Plus, with me being pregnant and B having a bad right shoulder, we knew it would be great. We ended up leaving sans mattress, but have decided we will make a stop into their showroom on Queen St. East to check out the mattress toppers. It might be more in our budget for now, and we'd rather save the new mattress purchase for the future when we own a larger home, and hopefully a king size bed.

Our next major stop was at a small both for Reiner's Ottomans. If you attended the show, you may have seen them. The booth full of leather ottomans that look like animals!?

Normally not a place we would look at twice, but when I saw them I instantly thought of our peanuts nursery. B and I checked out all of the different animals and talked to the lady in the booth, who told us they normally retail for $250 (their website actually says $260), plus $30 shipping since they don't have a store front in Toronto. The deal at the show was that they were on for $150.

Now, you may remember that I had put together a little mood board for an expecting Mommy last year which included a leather hippo that I had a seriously hard time tracking down. If only I had known then what I know now... that would've been one happy Mommy indeed!

We walked away letting the lady know we wanted to finish walking the show floor and think a little bit more about the purchase. We talked very little about it and after we were done browsing I turned to B and asked "So what do you think?"... and well... we came home with this...

Isn't he adorable (I'm guessing it's a he?). We've named him Babar! Barbar is our first big purchase for the nursery and I love that I can use it as an ottoman when baby is little (to go with our yet to be purchased chair), and can later become a safe and fun toy for our sweet peanut. Joy!

He's currently sitting on the red dresser in our bedroom, waiting for what will soon become the nursery to be cleaned out and painted. I just had to share our first big purchase with you.

Did anyone else in Toronto attend the home show? Make any purchases? Would love to hear what you thought of the show (and of Babar of course!)


  1. So so cute!!! Love Babar;) I was at the Home Show but didn't make any purchases- trying to be easy on the wallet with the kitchen reno cming up- it was hard though- lots of fabulous finds!

  2. I love Babar!! He is the perfect addition to a nursery! I didn't make it to the Home Show this year, but definitely wanted to!

  3. BAHH!!! I have the exact same elephant only black in my living room!!! My nephew LOVES it, so I have no doubt that your little one will love it too!

    Babar... such a fitting name!

  4. Babar is too cute!! I love love love it :)

  5. Oh... it's just too adorable. Amazing for a nursery.

  6. That's adorable, Kerry! what a lucky little baby - x

  7. Babar is adorable! What a perfect addition to your nursery. Your little one will love playing with him.

  8. so stinkin cute! can't wait to see your nursery--it is going to be so fab!

  9. I love nursery decor...and little elephants!


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