Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cross One Off the List

Back in early January I shared our "to-do" list for 2011. The very last item on our list was to frame a couple pieces of artwork we had laying around that were odd sizes. I'm sure we could have found a way to frame them ourselves, but when it came down to it, each piece was too important to each of us that we wanted it done right.

When we saw the other week that Michael's was having 60% off their framing, B and I headed over and dropped of these two beauties... (apologies for the photo quality, I didn't think to take any photos of them before, until we were waiting in line at the store).

The first one you may remember me blogging about last July... and yes it's taken us that long to get it framed! The second, is an original piece of work drawn by B's fantastically talented sister! It's a based on an aztec calendar he brought back from Mexico. He actually had her draw it so that he could bring it to a tattoo artist, who then turned it into an incredible piece of work on his back! We both love her artwork and picked out a great matte and frame so that we can cherish it forever.

After just over two weeks of waiting the call finally came and last night we went and picked them up...

We plan on having these feature as the two largest pieces in the gallery wall we will eventually put up in the basement. It will be the wall behind our new couch, between the bathroom and my laundry room / office. Of course, first we need to get the desk and mattress out of there and frame in a wall extension when we add doors to my laundry room (another one that's waiting on our to-do list).

For now, we're just happy knowing that our treasured art is sitting pretty and protected in their new frames. Do you have any personal or special artwork that you cherish in your home?


  1. Those look great! I'm glad to hear that Michael's does a good job... I've always wondered...

  2. 2 Weeks!? Not like you were in a hurry but wow haha- they do look great though!

  3. Love the typographic print! I just had one matted too {a typographic bicycle print} but need to buy hinging tape before I can put it all together. You are really moving along with your to-do list. Inspiring!

  4. One lump or two ... how cute. I've used Michael's before and they do a great job ... especially if you have a 60% off coupon!!!

  5. I love art work that has been properly framed...not that I have many of those! Well done with yours. I do love my Alison McKenna original that hangs in my bath!


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