Friday, March 5, 2010

Fancy Friday Love

So I'm back, with another Fancy Friday Love! It's been a while - but this past week, I've just found so much to love that I absolutely had to share!

Starting off with this adorable print (Who would've thought - me loving wall art?)

Though the print comes from madebygirl, I actually found it on the wonderful blog Lavender & Lilies. As soon as I saw this, I knew I needed to have it for my basement office / craft space / laundry room. I haven't bought it just yet, but you can be sure that I will have it hanging in there once I share a final reveal (if we ever get there... which I assume, by this point, some of you believe we never will!). At $9.50 - how can you possibly say "No"?

Of course, what would Fancy Friday Love be without a little love for my girl Kate? 


Loved the "Soda Fountain Stripe Jillian Dress" from the moment I laid eyes on it! It has me day dreaming about sunny Spring and Summer days. It's so versatile - excellent to go from work to evening, or even for a casual weekend. I feel it's a sign that my size is one of the only two left... but unfortunately my bank account does not agree. With a price tag of $355, I just cannot afford a piece like this at the moment.

To continue with my love of Kate, I discovered this gorgeous necklace (ON SALE!) this week during my usual (and frequent) browses of the website. At $98, the Waldorf Pearl Triple Strand Necklace, reminds me of a pearl and ribbon necklace I had a few years back that sadly broke... only WAY BETTER! I'd love if I could spend the cash right now, as it's a great price for a necklace that was once $245!

To round off this edition of Fancy Friday Love, I want to share with you a purchase I made this week. Well... a purchase B made! Back in December B told me if I wore high heels all the time, he would buy me the shoes. I don't know about everyone else, but that sounds like a deal to me. So this past week, after buy an adorable outfit, I knew I needed a new pair of grey shoes. I emailed B and asked if I found a pair of high heels under $50, would he buy them for me and he agreed. That was when I found these:

Nothing overly fancy - but I think it was the understated look that I loved. They will look great, not only with my new outfit, but also with the above Kate Spade dress (which I am sure I will never own). Can't wait for them to arrive!

Of course, I also loved that we finally picked up our basement bathroom vanity last night (and by we, I mean B)! We also got a little bit of work done down there. I'm hoping that by the end of this weekend we can have the bathroom walls framed. Can't wait to have a second functional bathroom again! Happy Friday all!

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