Friday, March 19, 2010

What I Really Want...

I know that right now we have quite a few projects on the go at home. From my mini kitchen refresh project, to our massive basement reno to the makeover of my two second hand chairs, I have no shortage of projects to work on right now. However, in my usual manner, I have the desire to start so many more. I'm sure you all know what it's like, there is always something else that you can find to do! Well, right now, with all of the gorgeous weather that we've been having, what I REALLY want, is to do something about our backyard (all pictures from July 2009, when we got the keys):

As you can see in this picture, our backyard is shared with the neighbours - the garage door to the left is their's. We could put up a fence, but they have two little ones that like being able to run around, and we don't mind them in our yard.

There's quite a lot that we not only want to do, but just HAVE to do (i.e. the deck is a disaster and if we don't completely rebuild it, boards still need to be replaced this spring/summer before someone breaks a leg!). Thankfully, since these photos were taken, that twisted rotten branch tree sticking out of the middle of our yard has been removed, and the area next to the garage has been all cleaned out.

Aside from actual landscaping (the dogs RUINED the grass because the winter was so mild, they just tore it up running around when it was damp), we really want to tackle our half of the garage. Painting the doors on the garage is actually on our list of things we'd like to accomplish around the house in 2010 (aka: the list that I made that B must now suffer through).

So, with the weather cooling off a bit this weekend, and a possibility of rain, it's the perfect time for B and I to finish up some of the projects we have on the go! But i'd like to throw it to my readers. If this were your yard - what would you do with it? I'd love to hear some of your ideas! (Note: Our house faces the west, and we have HUGE trees behind the house... so lots, and lots and lots of shade - which you can probably tell from the photos!). So share away... and I'll be sure to share OUR plans once we really get going with our outdoor work!

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  1. Oh, I hear your pain regarding the dogs and their grass-destroying ways! My two Jack Russells ripped our grass to shreds during the (looooong) rainy months here in the UK. We eventually gave up with repeatedly planting grass seed and laid a special dog-proof artificial lawn. So that's my recommendation! I'd also plants lots and lots of bulbs for spring colour - and check out what shade-loving plants you can put in. I'd also think about putting in a trellis of some kind, maybe around your deck, to give you a little bit of privacy (bless you for letting the neighbour's kids run around in your garden!)


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