Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Choosing Chair Fabric

Some of you may remember, a while ago, I posted a list of projects I would like to complete around the house in 2010. One of those projects was to refinish an old chair to use in my laundry / office / craft space in the basement. Even though the room itself is not 100% completed (baseboards, storage & work area need to go in), I already have a vision of what I want my chair to look like. Thankfully, we were out a few weekends ago at a second hand furniture store, just down the street from us, when I happened upon these two lovely chairs:

Okay, not so lovely right now... but the shape and quality of the chairs is excellent! I was able to snatch both for $40! Not a bad deal!

My orignal plan was to finish one for my own little space, and refinish the second a little differently for the basment living area. However, as time has passed and I have thought about what I want to do with the chairs, I think I would prefer to finish them both to look the same. Since my craft / office area is a small room off the basement living area, it would be nice if the two chairs matched and could both be used as extra seating.

My vision is to sand down and paint the chairs a glossy white to freshen them up. I'd also like to add more cushioning to the seat, and of course change out the orange tweed for some new fabric. After scouring the Designer Fabrics website today, I came up with a few ideas for the fabric I would like to use (In the order in which I am considering them):

I know they vary quite a bit, and I REALLY love the first two fabrics the most! I'd just like to get some input on what others think. Below is a picture of our upstairs bathroom - the paint colour is the same colour that we have used in the laundry room.

It's an incredibly pale blue, and I think looks fantastic with some really bold colours next to it. So I'm putting it out there readers - what fabric would you choose if you were in my shoes?


  1. I love the second one, and I think that it would look awesome with the chairs painted a glossy white. I love freshening up second hand finds, especially when you score them for a great price!

    I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. I would choose the second-to-last. The first isn't really my style, but I think that would also look nice. I just think a more swirly, rounded design might look nice against the rectangular chair backs...

    These projects are so fun, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hard choice...I actually like how busy the last pattern is and the shade of blue. For me,it is hard to imagine the small sample on the actual chairs. I'm sure whatever you choose will be beautiful!


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