Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Arrivals

In the midst of cleaning, organizing and purging (not a whole lot of packing going on. A guy came from the moving company yesterday to take "inventory" of what we will be bringing, and pretty much told me to stop packing things as they would pack everything for us... OKAY!), some deliveries arrived to our house.

First, while Halle and I were playing in her nursery, a courier arrived at the door carrying a pretty canvas tote! I wasn't too sure what it contained, but was excited to open it up and find the Veet prize pack that I won from Liz over at Wallpaper.

Veet Prize Pack

The weather is warming up, so all of these lovely products will come in handy for sure... especially since I have little to no time to be hitting up a salon!

Later in the afternoon, while hanging out in kitchen, I saw the UPS guy approaching our front door. To my great pleasure, it was the beautiful poppy tree frame I had won from Nancy over at Marcus Design! I had been anxiously awaiting it's arrival, and let me just say, this frame is more gorgeous in person than I had ever imagined!

Poppy Tree Frames

The quality is incredible, and I love how unique it is! We plan on using it to frame a photo of Halle (definitely one from our recent session with Nicole), and then a photo of B and I together. With a name like "Eternal", we knew this would be the perfect family photo frame - don't you think? Now, we just have to wait until we are in our new place to get it hung!

Don't you just love when you get surprise deliveries?

*Speaking of new arrivals, a few new items have been added to our "Blogarage sale" over on Facebook...


  1. the moving companies are great, they pack EVERYTHING...and i mean everything. i remember unpacking their boxes and finding every little bobbypin, elastic, piece of good luck Kerry:)

  2. the frame is amazing! Yay for moving companies, I hate packing!

  3. congrats on your win-the infinity symbol is perfect!

  4. I love getting mail! lol and what a load off to not have to worry about packing hey!?

  5. ooh goodies in the mail. best ever.

  6. Look at you and your fancy wins! How fun!

  7. wahoo--many congrats! very great!


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