Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guest Post - House Pretty

Morning Friends! I'm so happy to Amelia from House Pretty visiting today, with a fun affordable art project...

I was inspired by Kerry's framed skeleton key to come up with my own affordable art idea. Something like this tea towel I bought while visiting Stonehenge and turned into wall art using canvas stretcher bars and a few staples:


Sticking with the fabric theme, I dug out an embroidered piece of linen I bought on my honeymoon in Iceland. It's a picture of a cute blue tea set and I think it would be perfect in a frame, hanging in a kitchen. I grabbed an empty frame I already had on hand, my fabric and my trusty iron.


Then I grabbed a bigger frame - remember to measure first (oops)! Once my fabric was wrinkle-free, I placed it in the frame. Luckily it fit perfectly, but with a larger frame - or a smaller piece of fabric - you may want to play around with different matting options.  


I added a piece of white cardboard to hold the fabric in place and reattached the frame's backing. And that's it - some pretty new art and a sweet honeymoon reminder!



Thanks Kerry for letting me stop by and good luck with your big move!

Thank YOU Amelia for dropping by today! I love this artwork, and it may have a lot to do with my love of awesome DIY artwork... and anything tea related! Has anyone else been coming up with some DIY artwork for around their house? I'd love to hear more - we could always use ideas for our new place! Once again, be sure to visit tomorrow - Christine from just bella will be popping by with another fabulous guest post...


  1. great ideas! i try and remember this when i'm on vacation, but whenever i'm looking for something different to frame, i never find anything!

  2. Looks great Amelia! Love how you buy some cute linens that mean something for your trips!


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