Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finishing Touches

The only way I can possibly start today's post, is by saying thank you to everyone who commented on my announcement yesterday. The news is huge, and is definitely a big change for us. It was so nice to read so many positive and encouraging comments, and we can't wait to share this new adventure with all of you!

With our little home soon going up for sale and rent, it's time that we start putting the finishing touches on our projects, and getting this place into tip-top shape. Here's a little look at what's been happening.

Last Saturday, while I was at my parents place, setting up for B's party, he was at home installing our new bathroom mirror.

We knew we  wanted something with pivots and had looked all over for the perfect mirror. We ended up finding one we liked on the Home Depot US website. B's parents went to find it, but it wasn't available. They did however, have this beautiful Delta Silverton mirror, that was $5 cheaper. Score! It looks perfect in the bathroom...

March 8, 2012

Now B just needs to go back and centre it properly. From the angle the photo was taken you can't tell, but the mirror sits further to the left of the vanity. This should be fixed this coming weekend.

Yesterday, my Dad came out to spend the day helping us finish up and fix some thing arounds the house. After making some quick adjustments to our front door and closet doors, he got to work on our window frame in the bathroom. Let me say, just having the window frame on makes a huge difference in the space!

March 8, 2012

Slowly but surely, we are getting there! The outside door trim should be finished off this weekend, as well as the caulking around the tub and our paint touch ups. My father is also building us a small unit that should just slide directly into the storage area at the end of our tub, with adjustable shelving. If all goes to plan, he will deliver it on Saturday when he arrives to help B out around the house. Hopefully early next week I'll be able to share the reveal of the renovation, with before and afters. I think even I am starting to forget how drastic this renovation has been.

Even with a move in our future, the fun isn't over yet! Lots to be accomplished and I'll do my best to share the projects worth sharing!


  1. I just read the amazing news you posted about and congrats to your hubby on the new job! What an exciting adventure your family is about to go on!! Hoping and wishing the best for you in this move. Your house is adorable, and I'm sure you'll have no problems in finding someone to move in quickly. :)

  2. Oh my, I don't get to my blog reading for two days and look what I miss! Congrats to you both on this huge new adventure - everything happens for a reason, doesn't it!? Can't wait to follow along with all your big changes!!!!

  3. It looks great in there - we have those same little sconces in our powder room! Gotta love a deal at the Depot!

  4. love those sconces...are you sad about leaving or more excited to be getting to decorate something new? congrats!


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