Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Home To-Do List

As we've recently taken a break from working on the basement, so as not to burn ourselves and our bank account out, I haven't had much inspiration for posts. Until yesterday morning! I read a post from the wonderful Mrs. Limestone over at Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone and was immediately inspired to write this post. I know that January is nearing it's end, but I thought it would be useful to put together a little list of things I would like to accomplish around our home in 2010! So here goes;

1) Finish Basement Laundry Room/Craft area
       - Install baseboard
       - Build storage/cabinetry in laundry area
       - Install laundry room countertop & sink
       - Complete DIY door project
       - Figure out window treatment
       - Build work area/storage for me
2) Refinish an old chair for my Work Space
3) Make an inspiration Board for Work Space
4) Start AND Finish Basement Bathroom
5) Start AND Finish Basement Living area
6) Refinish Living Room Coffee & Side Table
7) Finish Nightstand for Master Bedroom
8) Frost Glass on Top Floor Bathroom Door
9) Hang curtain and frost glass on Master Bedroom Door
10) Make Roman Shade for Top Floor Bathroom
11) Build new Front Entrance
12) Make small fixes to back deck
13) Paint Living Room
14) Paint Garage Doors
15) Install new railing from top floor down to basement

Just looking at this list makes me want to get started RIGHT NOW! I know some projects are more specific than others, but these are really the things I want to do. Things will grow and change, and I'll probably revisit this little list in six months to see where we are (and prepare for our "See How Far We've Come" party that we plan to throw exactly one year from the day we got our keys!)

I know the list is pretty long, but this will be our first full year in our house, and B and I are pretty ambitious. With that being said, I think I might have to follow this up with an entry showcasing what we completed during 2009. Could be interesting considering we only lived in the house for about 4.5 months!

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