Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Signs of Spring

First off, thank you all so much for your sweet comments on our dresser yesterday! We're both so thrilled with the outcome, and it's exactly what I had pictured for our little girls nursery! So thank you for you stopping by, checking it out and taking the time to leave such nice comments. 

Today, I am taking a little break from the nursery. I have a few more updates to share this week, but wanted to take a chance to head outside and show you what's been popping up in our garden... mostly the front since our backyard is an absolute mess.

For those of you in the GTA, we all know that spring was a little late showing up, so as flowers start to bloom in our garden I'm getting more and more excited. Here's what's been sprouting in our new garden by our front deck...

Spring 2011Spring 2011

... we also have a some tulips pushing through the soil by our dogwood on the front lawn...

Spring 2011

It's so nice to come home to our nicely finished front entry, with blooms popping up through the ground... and some pretty little buds showing up on our dogwood as well! I can't wait until it's covered in all of those gorgeous pink flowers!

Spring 2011

Oh yes... and that would be our new ride parked in the driveway. We'd only had B's work truck for a while, which only had one bench in it, so we needed something that we could safely transport baby in. We opted for the 2011 Hyundai Sonata... and we love it!

Speaking of signs of spring, B and I attended a lovely spring wedding this past weekend and were able to get a picture of the two of us (and the peanut) in front of my parents magnolia. Another tree I cannot wait to see in full bloom...

Spring 2011

What signs of spring are you seeing and loving where you are?

Also, a quick shout out to one of my blog friends and fellow Torontonian Heather, over at Interior Groupie who gave me a blog award yesterday! 


My job is to now pass along this award to three blogs with less than 300 followers! My three choices are...

Brittany from Gallery No. Eight, who always has the best inspiration to share!
Chanele from Design Bliss Inc, also a fellow Torontonian AND interior decorating student (at the same school... but we met through blogging). She's been sharing her beautiful loft, as well as some pretty inspiration!
Brittany from My Daily Randomness. Britt and I have been long time blog friends, and she always has a great variety of posts... not to mention she also has a great little shop where she sells her beautiful digital prints!

So head on over and check out my girls and show them some love! They all deserve it... and you won't regret paying any of them a visit either! 


  1. Aww Kerry! Thank you very much! Means a lot since you were one of the inspirations for myself to start a blog, back in January. You look great all dressed up for the wedding! xo

  2. Aw I love that photo of you too- look at that little peanut bump- adorable!!

  3. You look so great Kerry! That dress is stylin'!

  4. Aww, look at you and your little peanut. You look great and I love that dress!! The new car looks nice and shiny too :)

    Hope you've been feeling well!

  5. You look fantastic! Love your dress {pk, so hubby doesn't feel left out - he looks dashing as well}

  6. You both look great!!

    Kerry, so happy to hear you are feeling so well and able to do so much!
    Love your choice of color for the dresser...and love those knobs.
    So, so glad you both like the Sonata!

  7. oh my gosh, you guys (all 3!) are so super cute. what a fab dress, too.

  8. You look fantastic! We are currently looking for a new car and the sonata is an option - if you want to gush about it drop me a line :)

  9. Your baby is going to be gorgeous. That is all.

  10. Thankyou Kerry!! A very lovely surprise today :)

    And you look fabulous! Love the turqouise!

  11. You look fantastic girly!! Love your lil bump:)


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